#114- At my best friend’s home

I love U.S.A.!!! I really appreciate that U.S.A. accepted my stay in U.S.A. for forever. Thank you for the U.S.A. Green Card (for a permanent resident). Thank you U.S.A.!

It was soooooooo much fun yesterday on the 4th of July!

My best friend, Suzie invited me to join her family day at her home yesterday and we had a great time like last year. Unfortunately, her husband (my old friend / I was the matchmaker for them) had to work, but we (Suzie has beautiful two daughters) had wonderful “ Girls Day & Night on the 4th of July ”.

From the noon until late night, I had a perfect day with them!!!

Suzie said, “As I was tucking the girls in to sleep ... they said ‘ Mommy ... thank you so much for the BEST NIGHT EVER... Yoko is so much FUN!!!!!!’ ”

Oh…what a nice day!


At my home:

In the morning at my home, I cooked “French style” Onigiri (Japanese rice balls). I made “Japanese rice balls meet French toast” rice balls (I put smoked chicken sausages with cheese inside the rice balls and put eggs and soy sauce outside of the rice balls and fried with butter). It took two hours in the morning to make them, but it was worth it! Everyone loved it! (include Suzie’s husband).

I wanted become a “summer Santa” for them, so I brought these rice balls for snack, Mexican chips, potato chips, gifts for Suzie, two girls and her husband. I love to see their smile! Makes me soooooooo happy!!!

It was so glad that they enjoyed my gifts.


At the park:

We went to the park near Suzie’s home and had a nice picnic(we ate my rice balls and potato chips).

It was so peaceful. The air is so fresh (compare to where I live), beautiful mountain view, the girl’s happy smiles, our positive conversation…

Oh…girls showed us “water fireworks”! Soooooooo cute and very creative play!


At Suzie’s home:

Suzie is a great hostess, great cook and great entertainer! She has so many talents!

After picnic at the park, she served Mexican chips (her fancy chips and mine) with some salsa, guacamole, potato chips and strawberry soda. OMG…her homemade guacamole is soooooooo yummy!!! I couldn’t stop eating them.

And, she treated me a movie “Twilight”. She recommended to see this movie (includes, New Moon and Eclipse), but I have not seen them, so she showed me this movie with her explanation.

I really appreciate her entertainment & hospitality (they saw this movie many times…so I really appreciate to let me to watch this movie).

After this movie, girls showed us (Suzie and me) “4th of July show”! They are so cute and creative! The fashion show was the best! I see their bright future!!!


During the dog walking:

After our appetizer time, we had a dog walking around her neighbor. There are so many beautiful walking paths. We saw the beautiful sunset and smell the 4th of July BBQ from many homes.


Dinner & Fireworks & Desert:

Suzie made “turkey meat tacos” for dinner.

OMG…her tacos are the best. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!! Wow, she is such a great cook!!! Her family is so lucky that they can eat her “Five star meal” everyday at home.

And the fireworks were beautiful!!! We saw three shows from the balcony at her home. We were so lucky that we had “VIP seats” at home for 4th of July fireworks shows!

And and…the special treat, “4th of July cake” was soooooooo delicious!!!

Suzie and her kids made a beautiful U.S.A. flag cake with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, chocolate etc. OMG…They made this cake until midnight the day before the 4th of July. Oh…they are so sweet like the cake!!!


On the way back home:

I saw three different fireworks shows on the way back (I was surprised that some places had fireworks close to the midnight). Total: I saw 6 different fireworks shows! Lucky me!

Oh…Suzie is so kind and sweet. She drove her car with her kids and led me to the freeway and she called me to make sure that I got home safe.

Then, we had chatting another two hours on the phone.

Suzie said to me, “It was such a SPECIAL Fourth of July with a Special Friend .... and a memory that we will cherish for LIFE : )”

Suzie is an amazing cook and an amazing life maker!!! I am so glad that I spent a special day with her and her family again.


U.S.A….Thank you again. I am having a great life in U.S.A. Thank you!!!

I hope you had a great 4th of July (If you are in U.S.A.).

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 5, 2010

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