#111- Orange + Green = Brown

Buffalo wing, Hot wing, Chicken wing, Fried chicken, Vegetable pizza, Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Vegetable tray, Go Diego Go birthday cake & Ice cream and some drinks with 5 year old boy’s big smile…I had a great night, tonight.

Today, it was my special friends, Keasha and John’s son, Johnathan’s birthday and they had a birthday party at their house.

There were many family member and friends at the party. Keasha and John have great family and friends.

Especially, they have a special sweet boy, Johnathan!

Oh…he is so adorable!!!

His smile makes everyone sooooo happy. He is such an angel!!!


I got their house on time as usual (I am too Japanese for this kind of thing, which means I am always on time or too early for everything! We don’t have “fashionably late” custom in Japan. ha ha ha!), so I had a chance to play / date with Johnathan before many people arrived.

He showed me his video & bike game "Smart Cycle Game"(wow! what a fancy game, he has!), his dance, his new bike and more.

When he was showing his video & bike game, he asked me, “Yoko, which colors should I mix to make brown color?”

Me: Ah…Orange and black, maybe???

Johnathan: No…Orange and black are going to be black!

Me: Oh…really??? Hummm…Ah….

Johnathan: Orange and Green are going to be Brown!

Me: Oh….wow…I didn’t know! Wow…


Yes, I learned new thing from 5 years old boy today!

Life is about always learning something…


Tonight, I told Ernie (Keasha’s mom’s boyfriend) about my sweet tooth, “ I am a sugarholic! I put 3 or 4 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee!” and Ernie said to me, “Me too! I am a sweetholic (instead of saying, sugarholic). I am always sweet with her(Keasha’s mom)”…”Sweetholic”…sounds cute!

I asked him that “Can I use your phrase in my blog today???”

One more thing, I learned today. Create own words and life for happiness!

Happy people are always with happy people around.



Happy 5th Birthday Johnathan! Have a lot of smile everyday!!!

And happy every day for you all too!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 21, 2010

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