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#113- Dinner at my home

I love to cook, I mean…I am not a fancy cook, but I love entertain myself and friends/family.

Tonight, I cooked for my new friend, Emi-san who is an owner of Kudo Cosmetics ( and a celebrity-manicurist.

During the day, she worked for someone (celebrity) in my area.

She emailed me last night to inform that she could see me today, so, I told her that “Why don't you come to my place? I cook dinner!” and I gave her some choices /menu for tonight.

1: Filet mignon, Glazed carrots, Garlic rice and Salad. This menu is my “five star dinner at home”! I have this dinner menu once a week! My favorite!!! The meat from the GELSON’S (the best!)

2: Shrimp tomato sauce spaghetti and Salad

3: Spaghetti Napolitan (Japanese English / one of the typical Japanese “Italian” spaghetti) and salad

4: Shrimp tomato risotto and salad

Emi-san chose #4 and I cooked Shrimp tomato risotto and salad. I also made some sweet lemonade from fresh lemons & mapl…

#112- At the IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show)

"Your skin is your canvas" said celebrity makeup artist, Gregory Arlt of M.A.C.

Today, I attended the 2010 International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) Los Angeles at the Pasadena Convention Center and I saw the red carpet makeup show by Gregory Arlt.

It was fun to see how he does “celebrity makeup” to a model on the stage for one hour.

Long time ago, when I was in Japan and was a writer for an an (at the time, it was most popular fashion magazine in Japan) and I always had fun to watch makeup artist’s work (working on the model during the model’s shoot at the magazine company’s studio).

I love to see people (include me!) who will be beautiful within one hour. Like a magic!

Gregory said on the stage, “You should take time for your skin before you put on makeup”.

Ok…now I am going to use my face spa machine to take care of my skin and make my skin beautiful.

Anyway, if you are interested in this trade show, you have a chance to go tomorrow (open until tomorrow), visit at …

#111- Orange + Green = Brown

Buffalo wing, Hot wing, Chicken wing, Fried chicken, Vegetable pizza, Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Vegetable tray, Go Diego Go birthday cake & Ice cream and some drinks with 5 year old boy’s big smile…I had a great night, tonight.

Today, it was my special friends, Keasha and John’s son, Johnathan’s birthday and they had a birthday party at their house.

There were many family member and friends at the party. Keasha and John have great family and friends.

Especially, they have a special sweet boy, Johnathan!

Oh…he is so adorable!!!

His smile makes everyone sooooo happy. He is such an angel!!!


I got their house on time as usual (I am too Japanese for this kind of thing, which means I am always on time or too early for everything! We don’t have “fashionably late” custom in Japan. ha ha ha!), so I had a chance to play / date with Johnathan before many people arrived.

He showed me his video & bike game "Smart Cycle Game"(wow! what a fancy game, he has!), his dan…

#110- Women’s power at the L.A. fashion market week!

I was at the L.A. fashion market in downtown L.A. fashion district this week and I talked to many powerful women as usual.

At the California Market Center (CMC), Joanne (who is a VP of CMC) and Audrey (who is a marketing & PR of CMC), at the D&A show, Barbara(who is a co-owner of D&A), at the Star show, Giselle (who is a show director of Star show),at the fashion show Designer Launchpad Runway Show (at the CMC),Frances(who is an owner of Fashion Business Inc./presented the Designer Launchpad Runway Show), at the Liza Stewart Inc., Liza(who is an owner of this showroom at CMC)……..many more.

Especially, I had a great time with a powerful woman, Ms. Liza Stewart (who is an owner of showroom at CMC, Liza Stewart Inc.).

Liza is the one of the veteran California Market Center showroom owner and she is also one of advocate for dropping traditional weekend hours for fashion market week and scheduling buyer meetings Monday through Thursday such as “work week”.

Thanks to Liza, we do…

#109- Sex and the City 2

I was in New York and Abu Dhabi (Morocco) for a while…you know what I am talking about?

(If you haven’t seen the movie “Sex and the City 2” and you have a plan to see it, or you don’t want to hear my thought on this movie, please don’t read below).


Two words for this movie…WELCOME BACK


Definitely, “Sex and the City 2” is better than the first one (first movie, “Sex and the City” had so many CM/PR/marketing strategies and Carrie was too weak for man, she was too ordinary, she wasn’t independent / unique anymore,I was so disappointed her in this movie)… Carrie who I know wasn’t in the movie.

I liked 60% of the first movie. (But…I have a DVD of this one anyway…ha ha ha!).

I wish I could see more HBO “Sex and the City” essence in the first movie…(but, I totally understand that movie business have to get more audience & money, which means more variety audiences…besides single & career oriented girls/women…housewives, other sk…

#108- APOTHIA +Cil d’ or +Padina

My eyelashes are soooooooo beautiful since last Friday.

Karen (who is a VP at Ron Robinson /APOTHIA at Fred Segal Melrose) invited me to a VIP Cil d'or eyelash extension treatment at APOTHIA (

Eyelash extensions by Japan's top salons, Cil d’ or (was sending their top specialists to this event / with Padina (eyelash conditioner /

I had a great time with Didi (who is a specialist and daughter of a founder of Padina, Daniel), Naho-san (who is another specialist from Japan), Ly (who is a graphic designer for Padina. I love the design on Padina!), Daniel(who is a founder of Padina) and Karen.

The treatment took one hour and I had a fun chat with all of them for another one hour. It was lovely Friday afternoon at APOTHIA.

Didi has a magic hand! I was in heaven during my eyelash extension and Padina eyelash conditioner treatment! I was relaxing and saying in my mind, “please don’t stop!” …

#107- Power lunch with owners of the Hollywood Cookie Diet!

Today,sushi lunch with two wonderful & sweet men at KIWAMI in Studio City.

It was a lovely lunch date with two co-owners of the Hollywood Cookie Diet (, Mr. Jamie Kabler and Mr. Larry Turner.

They invited me to have a lunch with them and say, “thank you for the feature story on the Japanese lifestyle magazine, EXILE (I wrote a L.A. latest diet feature story for 4 pages. Includes the Hollywood Cookie Diet / see my blog on April 28, 2010).”

Jamie and Larry are so nice and fun! They are truly entrepreneurs and success men. We had a great conversation with great food!

As you know (my blog on April 28, 2010) I lost 7 pounds within two weeks with the Hollywood Cookie Diet and there is no rebound, I mean I am losing more weight little by little since I had the Hollywood Cookie Diet.

My favorite cookies are Cranberry & Orange and Lemon cookie. OMG…they are sooooooo delicious, it doesn’t taste like a diet cookie, really!!! If you are trying to lose weig…