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I am a freelance writer for newspapers,magazines as well as a journalist for TV.
I am from Tokyo, Japan and have been living in Los Angeles since 1990.

#104- Security camera and human touch security

As you know, foiled Times Square car bombing by human eye/human touch security (a T-shirt vendor, who was a Vietnam veteran) and security camera.

I feel safer with security cameras in town.

And I feel safer to live in U.S. than Japan, because many people in U.S. are “speak up” people and feel like those people will protect me (I will do the same to people too).

Friday night, it was really interested in watching people on abc TV NEWS ”What Would You Do?”. A series of reports entitled "What Would You Do?", the reports test human nature through hidden camera scenarios.

Every day in my apartment, I feel so safe, because every morning, during I am working on my computer near by the window, the cleaning staff (at our apartment) waves me (my room is in front of the pool) and during the day when I go to the lobby for picking up my mails or the coffee (we have really nice coffee machine), someone (apartment manager, assistant manager or leasing staff) says, “Yoko, you have a box from Japan! Please come to our office!”

We have 263 unites at our apartment complex, but they (7 people includes maintenance staff) know my name and my special order (I am a clean freak, so they know that they can’t come to my room without shoe covers).

The other day, the assistant manager said to me, Yoko, did you get the letter from us? I didn’t see the paper on your door.

Me: Yes, I got it right away, because I heard the sounds, someone at my door. Thank you for asking!

Wow, out of 263 units, he cares about me! I feel safer to live in this apartment complex.

Of course, I pay for that! (expensive rent includes security service! but, I am very happy to feel safer here).

Also my neighbor who makes noise (I fought with him many times about that), he was sweet to me the other day. When I was checking my fine scratches on my car at the parking lot, he asked me “Hi Yoko! What are you doing? You need some help?” He told me how to remove fine scratches from the car wash. What a nice neighbor I have!

When I live in Tokyo, Japan with my family, my younger brother(by his car) or my mother (by walk) pick me up at the train station late night or midnight(at the time, our house was far from the train station, 15 minutes walk) for my safety.

One time, a stranger (young guy) asked me to help his car key (he said that his car key was on the driving seat and he locked by accident, so he asked me to pick his car key on the seat from the window which was open couple inches, because my hands and arm are small and thin),my mother came up to me and said, “Yo-chan (my family call me”Yo-chan”) what are you doing?” Then, this guy droved away right away…thank god…I was almost in trouble, but my mother prevented it.

Anyway, my mother is not here (she lives in Tokyo, Japan)…now my mother figure is Suzie who is my best friend! (by the way, she is younger than me!)

When I go to interview (for newspaper, magazine, TV etc) someone or go to party or go out somewhere, I email her and make sure that she knows where I am going and who I meet with. When I come home each time, I always call her or email her, I am home safe. She makes sure that I am safe.

Suzie is so sweet that she sometimes talks to me on the phone during my driving home and makes sure that I am safe to walk to my home from the parking lot.

Oh…at the super market, I feel safe too. The security cameras are everywhere! If someone do something wrong to me, I am sure that security cameras are protecting me from that.

But…I am a clean freak. At the entrance, I always feel guilty to use so many hands clean wipes. I am sure that the security camera sees how many wipes I am using and wasting papers (anti-eco…ha ha ha)…I hope I am not on the black list at the super market…

Anyway, today is Mother’s Day.

Yesterday, I called my mother in Japan and said to her “Thanks mama!”(oh…she was lucky that she and my brother were staying at a hotel in front of Tokyo Sky Tree where is the hottest spot in Tokyo. Tokyo Sky Tree is taller than Tokyo Tower! They were having fun to watch the Tokyo Sky Tree and ate delicious meals. Thanks to my brother who takes care of my mother well in Japan. Great, my mother is safe with my brother.)

And...Thanks to Suzie who is acting like my mom here in U.S. to protecting me.

I guess, the security cameras are nice, but definitely “human touch” securities are the best.

Have a safe living! And Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 9, 2010

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