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#106- SEX and the CITY jewelry launch party at the RON ROBINSON / Fred Segal Melrose

I just got home from the launch party of the SEX and the CITY jewelry at the RON ROBINSON / Fred Segal Melrose.

Ms.Karen Meena (who is a VP of the RON ROBINSON / Fred Segal Melrose is always nice with me. She is the best! She has such a fabulous taste for fashion business.

Today, Karen invited me to this special event, so I decided to write about this event for Senken-newspaper.

I can’t write the detail about the SEX and the CITY jewelry in my blog on today (because I have not written the Senken-newspaper article yet), but I can share some story about the event.

During I am interviewing Karen and Elizabeth & Lisa (from the SEX and the CITY jewelry), I ate three rich chocolates (by PURE chocolate). Soooooo gooooood! I am going to have a “lady’s day” soon and I really wanted have some chocolates today, so it was a great timing to have some high end chocolates.

Then after the interview, I talked to Mr. Ron Robinson (who is a president of the RON ROBINSON…

#105- Lunch with California Market Center Girls

Today, I got invited for a lunch by Ms. Joanne Lee (Senior VP, CMC Services at the California Market Center) and Ms.Audrey Okulick (Marketing & PR Associate at the California Market Center).

California Market Center (CMC/ is the epicenter of the Los Angeles style industries. Located on 9th & Main in downtown's Fashion District, the CMC is home to hundreds of wholesale showrooms for fashion, textiles, gifts and home decor, in addition to a range of offices, studio spaces, fashion design schools, restaurants, cafes, shops and special event venues.

They took me to the great Sushi restaurant, Yen Sushi & Bar( at the CMC.

Joanne: I love Sushi!

Me: Yes, me too!

Joanne: I usually go to GONPACHI.

Me: GONPACHI is great.

Oh…I had a wonderful time with Joanne and Audrey. They are fun and talented people.

When I (with Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, TBS TV) wanted shoot the fashion show at the CMC with the Ma…

#104- Security camera and human touch security

As you know, foiled Times Square car bombing by human eye/human touch security (a T-shirt vendor, who was a Vietnam veteran) and security camera.

I feel safer with security cameras in town.

And I feel safer to live in U.S. than Japan, because many people in U.S. are “speak up” people and feel like those people will protect me (I will do the same to people too).

Friday night, it was really interested in watching people on abc TV NEWS ”What Would You Do?”. A series of reports entitled "What Would You Do?", the reports test human nature through hidden camera scenarios.

Every day in my apartment, I feel so safe, because every morning, during I am working on my computer near by the window, the cleaning staff (at our apartment) waves me (my room is in front of the pool) and during the day when I go to the lobby for picking up my mails or the coffee (we have really nice coffee machine), someone (apartment manager, assistant manager or leasing staff) says, “Yoko, you have a box from…

#103- At the J. Max Kirishima’s party

A film producer/essayist, J. Max Kirishima’s party was fabulous!

Tonight (on the 5th), I was totally in Japanese world.

Around 30 Japanese (except Jeff who is a friend of Max,a film producer) got together at the Hamakaze Sushi & Izakaya(13327 W. Washington Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90066).

And after party, 15 people got together at the MAX KARAOKE STUDIO (2130 Sawtelle Blvd., #101 Los Angeles, CA 90025) until 1:00am.

What a night! I really had a great time at two parties with great people!

Max ( has many wonderful friends! It makes sense that he published many great books in Japan about "How to success in Hollywood","Hollywood style happiness quotes" etc. He has such a positive power and a wonderful entertainment talent.

Wow, Max is a great singer! At the Karaoke box (at the after party), he sang some songs. He rocks!

Oh…OMG…Rome Kanda ( who is an actor/comedian/producer, he was the host of “I Survived A Japanese Game Show” on ABC …