#100- My spring cleaning

The other day, my friend, Danielle asked me, “What are you going to do tomorrow?”

I said, “I am going to cleaning my place!” Danielle said to me, “You are always cleaning!”

Many of my friends always tell me that “Yoko, where are you going to clean? Your place is really organized and clean. You don’t need to clean.”

Yes, my place is always clean and perfect (in my mind, by the way), but I still want to clean and organize things.

Like Feng Shui, if I want to change my mood/luck, I clean my stuff or change location for my stuff. You know what I mean?

Since April 5th, I am having “big spring cleaning weeks” at my place, even though, I was busy (had some writing project and translation project), I was organizing my closet on my coffee break.

Oh…even though, I had to install my new printer (HP Officejet 6500 wireless/I love it very much!!!), took 14 hours/for two laptop computers/two days event…during my installation I was reading some old magazines for clean up my closet.

The other day, when I was talking to my mom in Japan, I was wiping each books from the shelf, hundreds books…it took couple of hours to do that, but I felt so good!

Today, I have no idea how many pages I turned…I mean, I was reading or looking VOGUE, ELLE, In Style, People etc…I kept those magazines for 9 years…includes copies which I wrote. At this time, I decided that I am going to check each magazine (just in case, I am not going to miss anything in those magazines) and throw away (except my copies of my work).

Oh…it’s so hard to do that, I mean, I love magazine, so I have a hard time to say good-bye to my magazines…but I need more space in my living room closet, so I really have to say good-bye to them…

How is your spring cleaning, by the way?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 17, 2010

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