#98- April fools…!

This morning, I sent a couple of emails to my friends. Please read below.

Hi ****,

Did you send an application to ABC TV "The Bachelor Asian version" for me???

I got a phone call from a line producer of this show right now...she said that I have a chance to be on this new show.

OMG...she will send me some info by email later today...

I don't think I am interested in this show, I mean "Asian men"...!!!

Anyway, write me back, did you or not???

Have a wonderful day!



This is my April fools email!

Suzie wrote me back:
Yoko, Sounds like so much fun!!!! Do you have time to talk on the phone right now!

Amy wrote me back:
No I didn't, but I would have! Go for it!! (Or is this April fools??)

Kimberly wrote me back:
Hello Yoko - No, we didn't but how fun! We know how you feel about Asian men. Are you going to try out? Might be mixed? Let me know when you're available to come over for lunch. Xx

Keasha wrote me back:
Hi Yoko, Actually, I did not send anything to ABC for you for that show -- I was not even aware that there was a show coming up called "The Bachelor Asian"! But that is exciting to get a call from the producer. Even if you don't want to be on the show, that is another good TV/producer contact for you -- so that's great!


ha ha ha!!!

Are you having fun April Fools day???

Be careful…more to come!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 1, 2010

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