#99- M7.2 BAJA Quake hits at the Easter dinner party

As you know, we had a magnitude 7.2 BAJA earthquake in Los Angeles this afternoon.

When I was at Keasha (my special friend)’s mother (Galia)’s home Easter dinner party, I thought I felt dizzy…

(Oh no…the “*** cookie diet” made me dizzy? I am so starving…that’s why I feel dizzy??? I can’t wait to eat this Easter foods and desserts! Smells sooooooo good…Oh…no…I feel dizzy…why???)

I was talking to people about my latest magazine project (I wrote a feature story of trendy diet in LA for one of the popular lifestyle magazine in Japan) and I was talking about the “*** cookie diet” topic, then I felt dizzy…so I thought I got sick from the diet(I just had only one *** cookie and coffee before came to this party).

(Wait a minute, this is earthquake!!! I am not dizzy, the house is shaking??? Right?)

Me: Is this earthquake???

Galia: ??? What???

Me: House is shaking right?

Everyone: Oh…yeah…earthquake!!!

I am Japanese, so I used to had a lot of earthquakes in Japan, but this earthquake was very strange, I felt like I was dizzy or felt like I was on the boat. Really strange earthquake. It was also long time.

Anyway, I am glad that I wasn’t sick and could eat a lot of delicious food!!!

Roast turkey, Salmon, Chicken & broccoli Gratin, Macaroni & cheese, Crab Cake, Zucchini Gratin, Green beans thing (I forgot to taste it!), Spinach thing (I forgot to taste it!), Fruit salad, Bread, Deviled eggs, Chocolate cake, Carrot cake,Chocolate pie, ice cream…

I love Deviled egg! , so when I saw them, I told Galia, “I love Deviled egg! Can I have your recipe???” then, she gave me the recipe and 7 Deviled eggs to bring home! Yeay!

By the way, during the egg hunt (not for me, of course) time, I saw big lemon tree in the garden and I said to Galia, “Wow, those lemons are good for lemon detox diet!” then, Galia said, ‘Yoko, take some home!”. Yeay!

I did lemon hunt! Ha! (But…the lemon tree is tall, so Keasha’s husband, John picked 7 lemons for me! Lucky 7! Thank you!)

The lemon is twice bigger than regular size lemon. Yes, I can try famous “lemon detox” for 7 days!(as I said, I wrote a feature story of LA trendy best 10 diet for Japanese magazine last month, so I just wanted to try every thing which I wrote.)

Keasha & Galia have nice family and friends. I am very lucky to be in their home today.

Life is about sharing happiness with family and friends. I am very happy that I could do it with my special friends today on Easter.

I hope you had a nice Sunday.

Happy Easter to you all!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 4, 2010

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