#95- Who are you???

I have a bad memory...

On Monday at the LA TEXTILE SHOW at California Market Center(CMC).

(OMG…Which Korean guy is the director of this Korean floor??? I don’t remember his face…ok…I have to ask him about him.)

Me: Excuse me. Good morning! Is Mr.******** here? I would like to talk to him.

Korean man: I am the ********. I remember you. Thank you so much for sending me the newspaper last year. I was surprised, you sent me a copy of Senken-newspaper in Korea.

Me: Oh…yes…my pleasure! You are Mr.********. Right…My brain is not working in this morning! ha ha ha! How are you? Do you have time to interview for Senken-newspaper right now?

Korean man: Oh…tomorrow is better.

Me: I would like to know what going on with Korean exhibitors before I interview them, so please make time for me today!!!

Korean man: How about this afternoon?

Me: Great!!! 1 o’clock?

Korean man: No…2 o’clock?

Me: Ok great! See you at 2, Mr.********.

(Now, I really have to remember his face…I really have to look at his face one more time to remember him!!!)

Yes, my interview with him was great! He gave me a scoop for my article.

When I see him next time in August, I am sure that I can go to him without asking “Is Mr.**** here?”

Same day, at the press counter at CMC.

(OMG…What is her name??? I don’t remember…Lorie? Marie? Ok….A…no…B….no…C…Carry? no…D…Diane? Ah…Diane! Wait maybe not…)

Me: Hello! How are you! (If I don’t use “Hi”, I don’t need to say her name, right?)

The woman at the press counter: Good morning Yoko!

Me: Good morning…I need to talk to *** for my article, would you page her or would you tell her to meet me on the 13th floor at the show office this afternoon?

(Oh…bothers me…I can’t remember her name…Ah…I should use the line! )

Me : Oh…could you tell me how do you spell your name?

The woman at the press counter: ***

Me: Oh right that’s easy to write! But, L and R is very difficult for us, I mean for Japanese, so that’s why I always couldn’t pronounce right your name, ha ha ha.

The woman at the press counter: ???

Today at the same place in the late afternoon.

A woman: Hey you!

Me: Ah…Hello!

(We hugged, but...who is this woman??? I think I met her somewhere, but I can’t remember…But...good…she seems doesn’t remember my name either. I think I met her at Neely’s party…yeah I think so!)

A woman: Are you here for your newspaper?

She talked to her friend who stand next to her, said “She is a writer.”

Me: Yes, I am working for Senken-newspaper. Oh...Neely is here as well, but I have not seen her yet. Have you seen her?

A woman: Who is Neely? Do you remember me? I spilled wine on your shoe at the party.

Me: Oh..yeah (ok now I really remember her! I met her at the party at the Petersen Automotive Museum for Gen Art and Rock Fashion Shows last year and she is my friend, Kimberly’s friend.)

This woman introduced me to her friend, “Here is ***”

Me: Nice to meet you! Here is my card! (to her friend) Oh, did I give you my card at the party?

A woman: Yes you did. You don’t remember??? We are on FACEBOOK!

Me: Oh yes! (OMG…I can’t use my line now…”How can I spell your name?” I have to find
her name from my FACEBOOK friends list…)

I always admire American, because they are the expert for memorizing people’s name!

They usually say, “Hi ***, nice to meet you!” when we meet at the first time. This manner is nice way for remembering each others names(still doesn't work for me…ha ha ha.)

From now on…I should keep “people’s diary” and I can keep truck who I met, their names and how they look like.

Anyway, I hope I can remember myself when I get old…”Who am I?” …sounds scary…! I better to continue to write my diary forever!

My name is Yoko Fujimoto…I am a writer.

How about you?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 16, 2010

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