#96- Fashion + Laugh

I always have fun at LA Fashion Market week!

Yesterday and today, I was interviewing many people who exhibit in Trade Shows…D&A, Brighte, Transit and Focus. OMG…I met many people…Around 100???

Last night, I attended at the “110 Years of Fashion” reception at California Market Center.

I had great conversation with important people in town. Ms.Jaime Lee,president of California Market Center,Ms.Jennifer Jordan, director of Leasing at California Market Center, Ms.Chelsea Matthews,trade show director at California Market Center, Mr.Jason Bates, CEO of Class Trade Show, Ms.Ilse Metchekat, president of California Fashion Association, Mr. Peter Jacobson, president of Fashion Link, Alison Nieder, executive editor of California Apparel News, Ms.Molly Rhodes, publisher of California Apparel News…and many more at the VIP lounge.

And tonight, I had fun lunch (at the Fish Market in downtown LA) and dinner (at the Yabu Restaurant in West Hollywood) with four of fashion people from Japan (Mr.Tony Shibata, president of Jameric Japan Inc., with his staff, Ms.Ayako Taguchi, Mr.Michio Karima, fashion designer and Mr. Minoru Sato of Eagle Co., Ltd.) Tony-san made True Religion big trend in Japan and he has many projects at this time. Mr.Karima makes many popular fashion brands in Japan.

Thank god…I laughed soooooooo hard tonight!!! Especially, Mr.Karima made me laugh so hard and my eyeliner made mess around my eye…ha ha ha!!!

Mr.Karima had so many funny magic and tricks. Even though, he gave me tips for his magic and tricks,I was impressed by his work! There are many “Wow moment”! Really!

Folks, I want you to know, there are some funny Japanese people and makes people happy.

Mr.Karima told me, “I have a “Pink house” in Japan”. I mean he told me that he loves Royal Hawaiian Resort (http://www.royal-hawaiian.com/index.aspx) and he used to design some products for them. Then, he really wanted have the “Royal Hawaiian” taste for his house, so he got some of the sample of the hotel building wall paint color and materials and he ordered to built his house like “Royal Hawaiian Resort”. Wow…he is such a designer! He seems he designs his life fashionably and fun!

Tony-san had many funny stories too, but he is private person, so I don’t think I can share his funny stories with you guys, but if you want to meet him, he is around with fashion people circle in LA and Japan. Try to visit LA Fashion Market week next time and ask for Tony-san?!

I love to work during LA Fashion Market week. I always meet many unique + fun people and have a lot of fun.

Life is about fun!

By the way, did you laugh today???

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 21, 2010

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