#93- Expensive sandwich???

Food is my thing.

Today, I had BAD BAD BAD lunch at the Los Angeles Convention Center when I was attending the trade show, GLOBAL TEX (Textiles, Technology, Sourcing and Art Studios. Featuring the complete supply chain from design to production) for my articles of Senken-newspaper (as you know, the major Japanese fashion trade newspaper).

Anyway, my lunch, the cold sandwich (turkey ceasar wrap) was $8 and apple juice was $2.75. Total was $11.80, expensive for “cold bad food”!!! (tax is also expensive in California!)

When I was eating this “COLD BAD FOOD”, I thought “I could eat anything, but this cold bad food.”

Then I was interviewing Vietnamese woman who is a president of the Vietnamese garment company. She said to me in the interview, “At this time, Vietnam has most cheapest labor in the world, people are working at the factory $100-150 for a month. People who works at the factory $8 for an hour in U.S.”

“$100 a month??? You mean people are working at the factory for one month for $100??? OMG…!”

I could make more than $100 for an hour…It’s unfair that people who works hard and they get only a couple of dollars for that…

Now…I understand that the cold bad sandwich is $8…it’s not expensive…

Oh…by the way, I had a lot of hot & delicious finger food & wine around 3:00pm at the event! It’s more than $100 worth!!! (because I couldn’t eat half of my big cold “bad” sandwich, so I was still hungry at the time.)

My friend,Gordon suddenly came up to me and said, “Yoko, you always eat a lot. How have you been?”

Yes, food is my thing. If I eat good food, I am happy, if not…I am not happy.

End of the day, I am happy.

Tomorrow, I am going back to the Convention Center and might have a $10 salad for lunch(there is only one place to eat at the Convention Center, so I have no choice!) …I hope I will come home happy…! ha ha ha…

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 2, 2010

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