#94- Birthday party at High School Musical 2

Today was my best friend (Suzie)’s 7 year old daughter’s birthday and we had a great time!

In the morning, I went to *** hotel and had a breakfast with Suzie, her two daughters and her parents.

Thank god…I have not seen her parents for 13 years, since 1997 Thanksgiving (Suzie and I went to visit them for Thanksgiving in ***). I was soooooooo happy to see them! They are here from *** (Far from California) for their grandkid’s birthday party.

7 year old girl was very excited about her party.

The party was wonderful!!!

Suzie invited 50 guests for “High School Musical 2” at the Canyon Theatre Guild (in Old Town Newhall) and she was such a great host! She served snack and drink during the 15 minutes intermission break, then we had a party on the stage with cast from the show. Kids were so happy to meet with cast. We had pizza, vegetable tray, cake and drink at the party.

OMG…cast and staff of the Canyon Theatre Guild (www.canyontheatre.org) were so kind for us to use their stage (we suppose to use the patio for the party, but we had rain today, so we had a party on the stage after the show) and cast came to our party and met us.

Suzie is such a great mother, even though she was busy for work (Japanese TV news), she took time to prepare for this party for her daughter. Her daughter’s favorite show is “High School Musical”, so she put together for her daughter’s birthday party.

She had gift for guests (included me!). The gift were cute lollipops (large and cute colorful) and CD of High School Musical 2. That’s cute! Really cute! She gave it to me pink (which is my favorite color) version gift! (I feel like a kid! ha ha ha!!!) Suzie is a creative person and their daughters are so lucky to have her as a mother!

After party, we went back to the hotel where Suzie’s parents stays and we had family party in the parents room. We had great food and great conversation.

It was sooooo nice to celebrate 7 year old girl's birthday like this and I was really happy to be with them. I really felt “LOVE” from Suzie and Suzie’s family.

Life is for love.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 6, 2010

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