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#97- My birthday was…


“May your birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with life’s richest joys and happiness.”

Wishing you a very Happy 46th Birthday!

It is amazing that we met over 20- years ago! Of course you look the same…and haven’t changed since we met. I will never forget the day…Should I say…early morning when we first met. I have so many fond memories…from “Go hey cutie”…to “Make up Madness”…to “” stuffing 10-pieces of Sushi” in your mouth…to watching “Japanese drama together”…to “Celebrating many Birthdays”…and it just gets better and better.

We have shared many many laughing attacks…and laughed hard…so hard that my eyes teared up. You always put a smile on my face & warmth in my heart.♡

I feel so luck to have shared so much with my dearest, oldest friend ♡ Yoko……..

It has been such an honor to know you and share a deep bond and sisterhood together!

You are the BEST friend anyone could ever ask for!

Looking forward to sharing many future Birthdays to come♡.

Warmest Birthday Wis…

#96- Fashion + Laugh

I always have fun at LA Fashion Market week!

Yesterday and today, I was interviewing many people who exhibit in Trade Shows…D&A, Brighte, Transit and Focus. OMG…I met many people…Around 100???

Last night, I attended at the “110 Years of Fashion” reception at California Market Center.

I had great conversation with important people in town. Ms.Jaime Lee,president of California Market Center,Ms.Jennifer Jordan, director of Leasing at California Market Center, Ms.Chelsea Matthews,trade show director at California Market Center, Mr.Jason Bates, CEO of Class Trade Show, Ms.Ilse Metchekat, president of California Fashion Association, Mr. Peter Jacobson, president of Fashion Link, Alison Nieder, executive editor of California Apparel News, Ms.Molly Rhodes, publisher of California Apparel News…and many more at the VIP lounge.

And tonight, I had fun lunch (at the Fish Market in downtown LA) and dinner (at the Yabu Restaurant in West Hollywood) with four of fashion people from Japan (Mr.Ton…

#95- Who are you???

I have a bad memory...

On Monday at the LA TEXTILE SHOW at California Market Center(CMC).

(OMG…Which Korean guy is the director of this Korean floor??? I don’t remember his face…ok…I have to ask him about him.)

Me: Excuse me. Good morning! Is Mr.******** here? I would like to talk to him.

Korean man: I am the ********. I remember you. Thank you so much for sending me the newspaper last year. I was surprised, you sent me a copy of Senken-newspaper in Korea.

Me: Oh…yes…my pleasure! You are Mr.********. Right…My brain is not working in this morning! ha ha ha! How are you? Do you have time to interview for Senken-newspaper right now?

Korean man: Oh…tomorrow is better.

Me: I would like to know what going on with Korean exhibitors before I interview them, so please make time for me today!!!

Korean man: How about this afternoon?

Me: Great!!! 1 o’clock?

Korean man: No…2 o’clock?

Me: Ok great! See you at 2, Mr.********.

(Now, I really have to remember his face…I really have to look at his face…

#94- Birthday party at High School Musical 2

Today was my best friend (Suzie)’s 7 year old daughter’s birthday and we had a great time!

In the morning, I went to *** hotel and had a breakfast with Suzie, her two daughters and her parents.

Thank god…I have not seen her parents for 13 years, since 1997 Thanksgiving (Suzie and I went to visit them for Thanksgiving in ***). I was soooooooo happy to see them! They are here from *** (Far from California) for their grandkid’s birthday party.

7 year old girl was very excited about her party.

The party was wonderful!!!

Suzie invited 50 guests for “High School Musical 2” at the Canyon Theatre Guild (in Old Town Newhall) and she was such a great host! She served snack and drink during the 15 minutes intermission break, then we had a party on the stage with cast from the show. Kids were so happy to meet with cast. We had pizza, vegetable tray, cake and drink at the party.

OMG…cast and staff of the Canyon Theatre Guild ( were so kind for us to use their stage (we suppos…

#93- Expensive sandwich???

Food is my thing.

Today, I had BAD BAD BAD lunch at the Los Angeles Convention Center when I was attending the trade show, GLOBAL TEX (Textiles, Technology, Sourcing and Art Studios. Featuring the complete supply chain from design to production) for my articles of Senken-newspaper (as you know, the major Japanese fashion trade newspaper).

Anyway, my lunch, the cold sandwich (turkey ceasar wrap) was $8 and apple juice was $2.75. Total was $11.80, expensive for “cold bad food”!!! (tax is also expensive in California!)

When I was eating this “COLD BAD FOOD”, I thought “I could eat anything, but this cold bad food.”

Then I was interviewing Vietnamese woman who is a president of the Vietnamese garment company. She said to me in the interview, “At this time, Vietnam has most cheapest labor in the world, people are working at the factory $100-150 for a month. People who works at the factory $8 for an hour in U.S.”

“$100 a month??? You mean people are working at the factory for one month for…