#92- Power of love & passion

How could anyone possibly what Joannie Rochette did last night?

She was truly amazing. It was one of the most moving performances I've ever seen.

Last night, her performance (at the women’s figure skating short program) in the Olympic Games made me cry…

Joannie skated great, just two days after her mother died of a heart attack.

I heard that her mother passed away early Sunday morning, but she ran through her practice in that afternoon. Next day, on Monday, it was the same. Then, last night, on Tuesday, she did well performance. Her tears waited until she was finished performing. I was really moved by her attitude and performance.

When my father passed away in Tokyo,Japan, I was in LA. I cried at LAX before I leave for Tokyo. I cried alone all the way to Japan on the airplane. I didn’t care what people think. I was just sad, sad and sad…I know how hard it is to lose loved ones.

So,last night, when I saw Joannie’s performance and her tears after her performance, I cried. She has such a strong passion for her skate and she has strong love for her mother and her father. I am sure that she skated for her and her mother & father. She did really well last night.

I am sure that Joannie’s mother was watching her performance and she proud of her.

Kim Yu-Na and Mao Asada did wonderful job, but Joannie’s performance showed more power of love and passion. She got a “gold medal of love from her mother”.

To Joannie Rochette: Prayers to you and your father. Good luck to you.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Feb 24, 2010

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