#91- “Inspiration” at Barker Hangar, Santa Monica Airport

Last Saturday, I was at the event “Inspiration” (The First Annual Kulture Recycling & Vintage Clothing World Gathering 2010) at Barker Hangar, Santa Monica Airport.

This event (http://inspirationla.com/) presented by Mr. Rin Tanaka who is a photographer in San Clemente, California (His latest book is “My Freedamn! 8” http://inspirationla.com/rin-tanaka “My Freedamn! 9” will be in this summer.)

Rin says, “The theme of the first year’s event is "Reset!" Yes, we need to "reset" the world with vintage freaks! ”

I really glad to see Rin’s photos. He has such a wonderful spirit for his art and life. I could really see his spirit in his artwork. Everyone and everything are alive in his photos.

This information will be in Senken-newspaper, so I can’t write details about him and this event at this time in my blog, but it was very “inspiring” show.

I was very imprested by “The Flat Head” (from Nagano, Japan http://www.flat-head.com/) and “Studio D’ Artisan” (from Osaka, Japan http://dartisan.co.jp/). “The Flat Head” has many wonderful spirits (people/staff, business and business concept for life) and “Studio D’ Artisan” has a nice Japanese spirit.

And I was also very impressed by U.S. brands, “Rising Sun Custom Denim Tailors” (from Pasadena, California http://risingsunjeans.com/) and “Robert Warner Leathers” (from Los Angeles http://www.robertwarnerleather.com/Site/HOME.html). They have great “American sprits”!!!

It was nice to see people who have fun & pure spirits for their life.

Life is beautiful!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Feb 16, 2010

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