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#92- Power of love & passion

How could anyone possibly what Joannie Rochette did last night?

She was truly amazing. It was one of the most moving performances I've ever seen.

Last night, her performance (at the women’s figure skating short program) in the Olympic Games made me cry…

Joannie skated great, just two days after her mother died of a heart attack.

I heard that her mother passed away early Sunday morning, but she ran through her practice in that afternoon. Next day, on Monday, it was the same. Then, last night, on Tuesday, she did well performance. Her tears waited until she was finished performing. I was really moved by her attitude and performance.

When my father passed away in Tokyo,Japan, I was in LA. I cried at LAX before I leave for Tokyo. I cried alone all the way to Japan on the airplane. I didn’t care what people think. I was just sad, sad and sad…I know how hard it is to lose loved ones.

So,last night, when I saw Joannie’s performance and her tears after her performance, I cried. She has su…

#91- “Inspiration” at Barker Hangar, Santa Monica Airport

Last Saturday, I was at the event “Inspiration” (The First Annual Kulture Recycling & Vintage Clothing World Gathering 2010) at Barker Hangar, Santa Monica Airport.

This event ( presented by Mr. Rin Tanaka who is a photographer in San Clemente, California (His latest book is “My Freedamn! 8” “My Freedamn! 9” will be in this summer.)

Rin says, “The theme of the first year’s event is "Reset!" Yes, we need to "reset" the world with vintage freaks! ”

I really glad to see Rin’s photos. He has such a wonderful spirit for his art and life. I could really see his spirit in his artwork. Everyone and everything are alive in his photos.

This information will be in Senken-newspaper, so I can’t write details about him and this event at this time in my blog, but it was very “inspiring” show.

I was very imprested by “The Flat Head” (from Nagano, Japan and “Studio D’ Artisan” (from Osak…

#90- Thank you note

I love “Thank you note”!

Send it out or receive it…its nice way to connect with people who I met or I know.

The other day, I have received an air mail from Israel. There were some colorful stamps with Israel symbols (Israel language) and numbers (price of stamp)…so nice to receive a letter from oversea.

The letter was a thank you note from Ms. Hagar Alembik.


She wrote:

Dear Yoko Fujimoto,

Thank you very much for your kindness. It was a real pleasure receiving the newspaper seeing the appreciation I received during the LA fashion week. I’m hoping to be there in many years to come, and meet you there.

Thanks and best regards, and happy new year,
Hagar Alembik


Ms. Alembik is an owner & fashion designer of ALEMBIKA ( in Israel. I really felt that she has a great energy to create the clothing, that’s why I picked her to write an article about her and her brand.

Thank you to Ms.Alembik for your thank you note!!!

These days, we use computer a lot for…