#87- Rain in California!

I love the rain (I mean…only when I am at home)…I love to see the rain drops and to hear the rain sounds. What a nice feeling that I am able to be in the home on the rainy day…

Of course…the rainy day is not good for everyone…we have a tornado warning and a flood evacuation warning today again in some area in California (I am so sorry for them who are having hard time in this storm)…

Yes…I am afraid of thunder and lightning… (I had to turn off TV and computer for a while yesterday and today.)

Since we are having these heavy rainy (storm) days, I am having a great reading time with hot cocoa and BGM (ENIGMA) & the rain sounds between my writing/working.

Thank god…I am a freelance writer, which means, I can control my work schedule/ I can make my plan what I want.

Relax with a book and the rain sounds…sounds so nice, right? I hope you can relax in your weather too.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Jan 21, 2010

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