#88- Dearest Suzie

Hi S,

Tomorrow is your birthday.

Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day and a fantastic year!!!

Since we have became friends in the bathroom at dormitory of SDSU. You are my best friend. Thank god, that day was in 1987 summer.

I remember that you asked me a first funny question in the bathroom.

S: Good morning! Are you already ready to go to the class?

Y: Good morning…no…I just got back from the party…I am going to sleep now.

S: Oh…wow! aha ha ha!!!

Do you remember? I was all dressed up like a MADONA and wearing heavy make-up…but you asked me a question very polite way like a Japanese girl…ha ha ha! You too much learned Japanese and Japanese culture, huh!

I remember when I was in the cafeteria with you, having a dinner together, I said to you…

Y: I love American food!!! I love hamburger and pizza! I ate too much!

S: Do you really like these??? aha ha ha!!!

Yes, we are laughing a lot and talking a lot since then.

You always make me so happy to talk to. You enjoy me and I enjoy you! You always look at things funny way and positive way. That’s why I really love you!

You have such a positive attitude for life. Good for you!!! I am really enjoying life with you and you make my life happy!!!

Thank you so much for being such a great friend and a sweet sister!

I am very happy that you married to my old friend and have two beautiful daughters. Even though we had some issues between me and you & your husband (who is my old friend) for 8 years…I always thought about you as my life time friend during 8 years(during we didn’t talk or see each other).

Out of blue…you found me 2 years ago…I was so happy to reunion with you & your husband.

Since 2 years ago…our friendship grew really strong, right? OMG…We are friends for 23 years.

I guess we needed the time (8 years) to establish our strong friendship again. Don’t you think???

You are my forever friend. Let’s have more fun together for long long time!!!

Anyway, I love you and have a wonderful new year!


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Jan 24, 2010

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