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#89- Good-bye to my uncle, Toshiaki-ojichan…

This morning, my mother called me from Tokyo, Japan.

“Sorry to call you early in the morning…” said to me…I knew what she was going to say next…

My uncle, Toshiaki-ojichan passed away today in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan…

When I saw him last month during my stay in Japan for my vacation, I couldn’t (didn’t) tell him that “You are my most favorite uncle. I love you!”…because I didn’t want him to think that he is dying soon…(because Japanese don’t say often this kind of words ”I love you” to people)

Now I can say to him…

Toshiaki-ojichan, I love you!

Toshiaki-ojichan, Do you remember? Me and Masa-kun (my brother) used to call you “Ton-nichan (nichan means brother in Japanese)” when we were so small?

When I was three or four years old, you often visited us (me & my brother) and played with us. You are the only one uncle, I remember and have a good memory when I was small. I always thought that “I love Toshiaki-ojichan! He is fun person to play with!!!”

I wish I could call you Ton-nich…

#88- Dearest Suzie

Hi S,

Tomorrow is your birthday.

Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day and a fantastic year!!!

Since we have became friends in the bathroom at dormitory of SDSU. You are my best friend. Thank god, that day was in 1987 summer.

I remember that you asked me a first funny question in the bathroom.

S: Good morning! Are you already ready to go to the class?

Y: Good morning…no…I just got back from the party…I am going to sleep now.

S: Oh…wow! aha ha ha!!!

Do you remember? I was all dressed up like a MADONA and wearing heavy make-up…but you asked me a question very polite way like a Japanese girl…ha ha ha! You too much learned Japanese and Japanese culture, huh!

I remember when I was in the cafeteria with you, having a dinner together, I said to you…

Y: I love American food!!! I love hamburger and pizza! I ate too much!

S: Do you really like these??? aha ha ha!!!

Yes, we are laughing a lot and talking a lot since then.

You always make me so happy to talk to. You enjoy me and I enjoy you! Y…

#87- Rain in California!

I love the rain (I mean…only when I am at home)…I love to see the rain drops and to hear the rain sounds. What a nice feeling that I am able to be in the home on the rainy day…

Of course…the rainy day is not good for everyone…we have a tornado warning and a flood evacuation warning today again in some area in California (I am so sorry for them who are having hard time in this storm)…

Yes…I am afraid of thunder and lightning… (I had to turn off TV and computer for a while yesterday and today.)

Since we are having these heavy rainy (storm) days, I am having a great reading time with hot cocoa and BGM (ENIGMA) & the rain sounds between my writing/working.

Thank god…I am a freelance writer, which means, I can control my work schedule/ I can make my plan what I want.

Relax with a book and the rain sounds…sounds so nice, right? I hope you can relax in your weather too.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Jan 21, 2010

#86- My winter vacation in Japan

Happy New Year!

I was in Japan for a month! I had a wonderful vacation in Tokyo, Japan with my mother and my younger brother.

We (me, mother and brother) visited my uncles and aunts in Utsunomiya,Tochigi. One of my uncles (my mother’s younger brother) has a cancer, so we visited him twice at the hospital as well.

We usually travel all over in Japan during my stay, but we didn’t go far away from Tokyo. We spent time in Tokyo, Yokohama in Kanagawa and Oiso Long Beach in Chiba near Tokyo (if something happens to my uncle, we would like to visit him right away, so my brother made my vacation plan in Tokyo and near Tokyo area).

We had Christmas time at the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka (we spent two days. enjoyed Christmas lights at Shiodome, Roppongi midtown, Roppongi Hills, Omotesando and Odaiba). Tokyo has many beautiful Christmas spots!!!

End of the year week, we went back to the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka and celebrate our ending year. We ate so much and talk too much. We had a great fam…