#77- Fashionably late is not for Japanese…

Last night, I have attended the 20th anniversary party for Cosmo Space of America (http://www.cosmospace.co.jp/), the commercial film and video production company.

When I have TV projects from Japan, I always call Cosmo Space of America, because this company has many great cameramen and staff to work with.


As I am Japanese or my thing, I am always be somewhere on time or too early…for my work/interview with someone, attend the fashion show/ trade show/ party, even though Thanksgiving party or Christmas party at my friend's house.

The reasons for that are…

1: When I am there early, I am able to relax before work/ interview and prepare for a great work/ interview.

2: We never know the traffic situation in LA, you know what I mean, so I always leave my home half hour to one hour early, just in case. And I don’t like to make people waiting for me (Time is money, right? I really respect people’s time).

3: Especially at fashion show, event or party, if I am there early, I am always able to meet/talk important people (includes celebrities) with more enough time/relax time (when it gets busy at the fashion show, event or party, I might miss the opportunities to meet /talk/ with them or get scoops from them!)

But…sometimes my friends said to me…"Oh…Yoko, you always early! You are so polite Japanese!!! ha ha ha!", "Of course, you are here before us! You are Japanese! Thank you for coming!" (This comment was at my friend’s wedding rehearsal!!! I was there before "them", I mean hosts!!!)


Anyway, at the 20th anniversary party for Cosmo Space of America on Friday, I was twenty minutes late (Oh God…I forgot it was Friday!)…but I thought, "Good, at this time, probably good for fashionably late!"…And then…it wasn’t!!! …I forgot this party’s host is Japanese!

Most of the people (around seventy people already had been sat at the table) and president of Cosmo Space of America, Mr.Hideomi Aoki, vice president, Mr. Katsumi Matsumoto and other staff were waiting at the door to welcoming people!!!

OMG…I felt so bad…"Oh no!!! This is not fashionably late…They were standing and waiting for us for long time!!! I should be here early at this time…"

Yes, We…Japanese are very polite and humble (by the way, I don’t have "humble word" in my "private dictionary"!).

I really found out that "fashionably late" is not in our (Japanese) dictionary!

By the way, the party was soooooooo much fun! Nice people, delicious food (La Dijonaise in Culver City) and the wonderful gift and card. Of course, again, at the end of the party, Cosmo Space of America people said good-bye and thanks to us at the door. It was amazing!!!

The president, Mr. Aoki has positive vibes! Really it makes sense that this company has been successes and has wonderful people.


Today, I had great breakfast and lunch time with my best friend, Suzie and her kids. OMG…Suzie was just on time to pick me up at my place and brought a gift! (Makes sense that she has spent long time with me and my family in Japan?!)

The gift was pumpkin bread that she baked it! (sooooooooo delicious!!!)

Her message on the card said, "Yoko, We are so happy that you are feeling better! Please enjoy the first harvest of pumpkin bread from Suzie’s Kitchen! 100% real fresh pumpkin! We love you. xxooo Suzie and family."and on the envelope, "Yoko, Happy Harvest Pumpkin Season! Happy Harvest Pumpkin Season! "

You know what, the biggest gift is a "beautiful friendship and love" from Suzie.


To everyone,

Please note: When you got an invitation from Japanese, please be on time or "fashionably early". Happy party/holiday season to all!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Oct 10, 2009

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