#73- at the VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out

Tonight, Thursday, the 10th, we (me and my friend, Erika) were at Fred Segal (Ron Harman and Ron Robinson) on Melrose for 5 hours!

We started early dinner at the Fred Segal Comfort Cafe, and then we attended the VOGUE fashion’s night out party.

The impact of the recession on everyone and everywhere in the world…but I saw the bright side at Fred Segal tonight.

VOGUE magazine supports retail shops and economy. VOGUE is partnering with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to host Fashion's Night Out on Thursday. This event is a global event urging consumers to shop to save the economy and the fashion industry.


After our dinner, I worked. I mean, I met DMW public relations owner, Dana who is a pr for FREEDMAN (http://www.freedmanclothing.com/ the new brand which I wrote about this brand at Class Trade Show last week on Senken-newspaper) and I did interview with Randy and Matt who are co-owners for FREEDMAN. FREEDMAN has a special corner at the Fred Segal (in the Ron Robinson store.)

And I also interviewed Dave who is an artist for FREEDMAN (take a look at his artwork at http://www.davedickeyart.com/.) I can’t write about them tonight on my blog, because I am going to write about them on Senken-newspaper, but I can write...how I am happy to meet them! Especially Dave has many great episodes in Tokyo, Japan and it was enjoy hearing his episodes.

It’s funny that Dave loves Japan and I love U.S.A. more than Japan. I only go to Tokyo, Japan for a short vacation to visit my mother and brother once a year. For me, Los Angeles is my home, really. But it’s nice to hear from someone who is from here says “I love Japan, want to go back there again.” We met Dave’s mother, Kathy (who is an artist as well!) and her friends too.

We had fun conversation with Andrew (Erika’s brother/owner of Andrew Hanson’F) and another Andrew (our friend/ a reporter of California Apparel News.) It was fun night!


I saw many smile faces tonight.

Life is beautiful!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
September 11, 2009

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