#62- What a night…

After my dinner, I was in the kitchen for four hours until now…midnight!

OMG…sewage came up to my kitchen sink from the guy upstairs!!!

I called emergency maintenance number at my apartment office.

Me: Emergency!!! Dirty water came up to my kitchen sink and I can’t wash away!!! Something stuck in the drain!!! The soiled water gathered in my kitchen sink!!! Please hurry!!! Hurry!!! Come to my place now!!!

The maintenance guy…half hour later, came to my place.

OMG...what a night mare…! He had many dirty tools… I knew it…OMG…

Me: What are you doing? Don’t scratch my door with it! Please don’t scratch my refrigerator with it! Oh…please be careful!!!

I was telling the maintenance guy to make sure that he is not going to make mess or damage on my floor, front door and refrigerator etc…

Poor guy…I felt so sorry for him, but I couldn’t help it…I don’t like people come to my place with dirty stuff…ha ha ha!

Before the maintenance guy arrived at my place, I put the vinyl sheet on the floor and I clear the space under the kitchen sink (for him to fix easy and I don’t like someone touch my stuff) and I had shoes cover for him (my floor is so clean and no shoes!), but I was not ready to let him to bring the dirty tools/stuff (large vacuum cleaner, tools etc)…never ready…I don’t like it…(cry…!)

But…poor guy…

Me: I am sorry…I shouldn’t shout at you…you know me…I am a clean freak…You know I don’t like this thing…

The maintenance guy: I know. Your room is so clean. I will be careful…

He is nice…but…I was in hell.

Me: Oh…no…don’t do that!!! (He was trying to remove the paper sheet which I put it on under the sink, because this will be easy to clean later) I am sorry…You know me…

The maintenance guy: I know. Don’t worry.

And more dirty water came up to my sink again!!! OMG…!

Me: Oh no!!! Upstairs!!! He is washing dishes!

I went to upstairs and asked the guy upstairs, “Please don’t use your kitchen sink until our drain is fix.”

Upstairs guy: Poor thing…your sink got a problem again?

Me: Dirty water came from you again!!! What did you cook tonight and what did you put the disposer?

Upstairs guy: Oh, spinach and broccoli and steak.

Me: Oh that’s sounds good (me…smile). Ah, please don’t put the broccoli in the disposer! Your greasy water and vegetables came up to my sink, so please be careful to use the disposer.

The maintenance guy is sweet, he brought me couple of shoes covers and kitchen cleaner.

Me: You are the best!!! Are you getting over night salaries right? I want to make sure, you are ok. I am going to call and write an email to our manager about you, you are a hard worker. Thank you so much!!!

And another two hours…I was cleaning sink, under the sink and floor. Thank god…Suzie called me to comfort me (she is so sweet!), so I was enjoying conversation with her on the phone and I was enjoying for cleaning.

After two hours, Yes! I got my kitchen sink back…

What a night…

Now…I am going to clean myself (take a bath and shower)…for another one hour…

What a night…

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 9, 2009

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