#65- Happy 70th Birthday Carol!!!

Today, my best friend, Suzie’s mom, Carol’s 70th birthday!

Happy Birthday Carol!!!

Suzie, Carol and her all family members in ***** today.

I wish I could be there…I wish fly to *****! (Since Thursday, I am working 12 hours a day…for my translation book project and I will busy until mid August…so I can’t go parties or go out for fun.)

Anyway, I wrote a birthday letter to Carol and Suzie will give it to her today.

My letter to Carol…I would like to share it with you all and celebrate her birthday!


July 27, 2009

Dear Carol,

Happy Birthday Carol !!!

You are my first hero in U.S.A. You are the first American woman who I met as a great career woman!!!

I was very impressed about you as a beautiful, smart and funny career woman, mother and wife!

Suzie always talks about your great stories and funny stories. *** is a lucky man to have you as a best wife in the world. *** is a lucky man to have you as a smart mother. *** is a lucky man to have you as a sweet mother. *** is a lucky man to have you as a funny mother. Suzie is a lucky woman to have you as a wonderful mother for her role model.

And…I am happy to know you as an American mother.

You taught me how to enjoy life as an independent woman. Thank you very much. I miss you… I wish I could see you today on your birthday. I remember that you always look perfect and love to read.

One day…I am going to write a book in English and say thank you for being my ideal woman in U.S.A. in my book, so you better to live long long long time for us and please wait for my first book in English comes out in U.S.A.!



Anyway, have a great one to you all !


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 27, 2009

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