#64- Count, count…count!

How many times do you count the number a day?

Every morning, I count pounds, I mean my weight. From 85 lbs…how many pounds did I gain…still 20 pounds…(I am keeping my beauty check diary everyday)

After my brunch…how many calories did I eat? OMG…café au lait is 250 calories (my café au lait is soooo good!)…so my brunch total,760 calories…(I am keeping my food diary everyday)

Then in my car, how many miles I drove since last week… (I am keeping my account book everyday)

At the bank, when I deposited my check (my translation project check), I counted… how much I have money in my checking account?… (I am keeping my account book everyday)

And at the post office, how many I sent packages to people who I interviewed for Senken-newspaper? Ok…ten today…(I am keeping my account book everyday)

At the Vons, I was counting so many numbers…how many days I eat this? How much I save with this? How many days I can keep this in my refrigerator?...

Today my question at the register is…”could you tell me how to read these nutrition facts?”

It’s the TRAIL MIX, the nutrition facts says…Serving Size 3 Tbsp. (31g) Servings Per Container about 5. Calories 160 Calories from fat 100.

Me: Only 15 table spoons of trail mix in this package??? This package looks like has more than 15 table spoons of trail mix. And only 3 table spoons are 160 calories??? I don’t get it… What do you think???

Woman at the counter: I…I don’t know…

The other register man (next to us): Let me see…Oh…you are right. 3 table spoons are 160 calories and this package has 15 table spoons of trail mix.

Me: Really??? Wow…this package looks like…has more than 15 table spoons of trail mix…

Woman at the counter: Wow…160 calories for 3 table spoons…so high calories…

Me: I think so…I started counting calories really serious again…so I don’t want to make any mistake for counting my calories, you know.

After dinner (I made a vegetable soup with turkey meatballs), I counted my snack (gum and trail mix) and dinner calories, 703 calories.

So…total calories, 1423 calories of the day. Sounds good! I am going to lose 20 pounds within three months! (Yes, I can! Because I gained 20 pounds within two weeks, I was in Japan!)

Oh…should I count my calories for counting calories??? In my brain…there are so many numbers… 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…I am sure that I use some calories for this!

Wish me luck for counting numbers and losing weight.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 18, 2009

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