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#65- Happy 70th Birthday Carol!!!

Today, my best friend, Suzie’s mom, Carol’s 70th birthday!

Happy Birthday Carol!!!

Suzie, Carol and her all family members in ***** today.

I wish I could be there…I wish fly to *****! (Since Thursday, I am working 12 hours a day…for my translation book project and I will busy until mid August…so I can’t go parties or go out for fun.)

Anyway, I wrote a birthday letter to Carol and Suzie will give it to her today.

My letter to Carol…I would like to share it with you all and celebrate her birthday!


July 27, 2009

Dear Carol,

Happy Birthday Carol !!!

You are my first hero in U.S.A. You are the first American woman who I met as a great career woman!!!

I was very impressed about you as a beautiful, smart and funny career woman, mother and wife!

Suzie always talks about your great stories and funny stories. *** is a lucky man to have you as a best wife in the world. *** is a lucky man to have you as a smart mother. *** is a lucky man to have you as a sweet mother. *** is …

#64- Count, count…count!

How many times do you count the number a day?

Every morning, I count pounds, I mean my weight. From 85 lbs…how many pounds did I gain…still 20 pounds…(I am keeping my beauty check diary everyday)

After my brunch…how many calories did I eat? OMG…café au lait is 250 calories (my café au lait is soooo good!)…so my brunch total,760 calories…(I am keeping my food diary everyday)

Then in my car, how many miles I drove since last week… (I am keeping my account book everyday)

At the bank, when I deposited my check (my translation project check), I counted… how much I have money in my checking account?… (I am keeping my account book everyday)

And at the post office, how many I sent packages to people who I interviewed for Senken-newspaper? Ok…ten today…(I am keeping my account book everyday)

At the Vons, I was counting so many numbers…how many days I eat this? How much I save with this? How many days I can keep this in my refrigerator?...


#63- Happy Monday!

When I am not in the mood to write (work), I always do what I want.

Like this morning, I still wanted to relax and read so, I did it.

After my breakfast, with my second coffee I listened to Mozart CD and read a book.

Now after my lunch, with nice aromatherapy (hot water in the tea cup with perfume oil” ZuzuzPetalz” which is a secret fragrance/scent for celebrities, see my blog on May 20, 2009) and background music (Mozart)…feel like to work!

This week, I am expecting a big book translation project, so I want to write a lot of articles for Senken-newspaper before start a big project.

Anyway, happy Monday and have a great week to all !!!


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
July 13, 2009

#62- What a night…

After my dinner, I was in the kitchen for four hours until now…midnight!

OMG…sewage came up to my kitchen sink from the guy upstairs!!!

I called emergency maintenance number at my apartment office.

Me: Emergency!!! Dirty water came up to my kitchen sink and I can’t wash away!!! Something stuck in the drain!!! The soiled water gathered in my kitchen sink!!! Please hurry!!! Hurry!!! Come to my place now!!!

The maintenance guy…half hour later, came to my place.

OMG...what a night mare…! He had many dirty tools… I knew it…OMG…

Me: What are you doing? Don’t scratch my door with it! Please don’t scratch my refrigerator with it! Oh…please be careful!!!

I was telling the maintenance guy to make sure that he is not going to make mess or damage on my floor, front door and refrigerator etc…

Poor guy…I felt so sorry for him, but I couldn’t help it…I don’t like people come to my place with dirty stuff…ha ha ha!

Before the maintenance guy arrived at my place, I put the vinyl sheet on the floor and …

#61- My 4th of July was…

At my best friend, Suzie’s home, I had a great 4th of July!

Suzie is my hero of 4th of July. Thank god…she has busy work schedule (many projects for TV programs), mom’s job for her two kids and wife’s job for her husband (who is my old friend/see my blog on Nov 30th, 2008), but she made a great 4th of July’s atmosphere!

She is a super woman!!! She is a super career woman, super mom and super wife! Oh…super chef for me.

OMG…she is really good cook. Yesterday’s my favorite menu from her cooking was…her special cheese burger, sausage sandwich, spinach and artichoke dip for chips, strawberries and cream cake and special 4th of July lemon tart(she made a American flag with blueberries and strawberries! She is sooooo creative!!!)

Oh…corn was sooo good too. When I was watching her cooking, wow…she put milk in the hot water/ boiling corn. Milk??? She told me that this milk thing is her dad’s recipe and she adds soy sauce and sugar into it. OMG…it was soooo gooood!!!

We sing song…Happy Birthda…

#60- My funny face…

My green card (lawful permanent resident card in U.S.A.) will expire within the next six months and today, I went to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Application Support Center for “Biometrics” /processing my renewal card.

It was comedy show for me again… I mean…again…a bad photo of me!!!

Today, I thought this office will only take my fingerprints…but it wasn’t…Oh my god…I was so foolish…”Biometrics” means not only fingerprints…my face print as well…I mean my photo of face as well…

This morning, I took time to prepare to go to this office. I didn’t want to be late my appointment, so I was there one hour earlier than my appointment time and I was relax to wait for my fingerprints taken.


Me: Wow…Pink eye color??? Are there any pink eye color people in this world??? (I asked man at the office)

In the paper of applicant information worksheet (I had to fill out) at the office, I saw eye color section…Blue,Brown,Green,Gray,Hazel,Maroon,Pink and Unknown…

Pink??? P…