#53- 20 something power!

I just finished my writing an article for Senken-newspaper (a Japanese top fashion trade newspaper. Similar to WWD, DNR and California Apparel News) regarding my yesterday’s interview with a fashion artist in Los Angeles.

This info is secret at this time (because it is not on the newspaper yet), so I can’t write about this brand (a fashion artist in Los Angeles) in my blog today…but I can write about Erika who is a sister of this brand’s owner/ a fashion artist.

Yesterday, I went to see them (Erika and her brother/ a fashion artist) at Pure Consulting (http://www.pureconsultinginfo.com/index.php). Erika is working with Kimberly, so I had a great time with Kimberly, Erika and Erika’s brother.

Oh…today’s my topic is…young power is sooo cool!!! Erika’s brother’s work is amazing and Erika’s knowledge is also amazing! I call this amazing thing is…20 something power!

Erika is the one she told me about the Twitter (these days many business/fashion people use it as a PR & Marketing Tool) and I wrote an article about the topic of social networking in business for Senken-newspaper the other day and this article came out on June 8th. I am sure that my article will help Japanese people a lot. I said in my article, “Like a fast fashion…this fast communication is something!”

Thanks to Erika!

Anyway, Erika is cool and smart. She always teaches me many cool things.

Yesterday, she taught me more… tweetdeck (http://tweetdeck.com/beta/) , hootsuite (http://hootsuite.com/), tinyurl (http://tinyurl.com/) , twitterfeed (http://twitterfeed.com/) and …RT - Re-Tweet…#FF - Follow Friday…

And…free online radio, pandra (http://www.pandora.com/)

Today, when I was writing an article about Erika’s brother and his brand, at the same time I was listening pandra radio. It was sooo nice!!! I love it!!! My article came out very nice, because I was in a great mood with non CM music program by pandra.

Did you know about tweetdeck, hootsuite, tinyurl, twitterfeed, RT - Re-Twee, #FF - Follow Friday, and pandra…all that???

If you did, you also have a 20 something power in you!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
June 11, 2009

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