#40- Lunch at the Mondrian Hotel and Fashion show at the Celebrity Centre International Church of Scientology…and more

Today was very “Hollywood” day.

Lunch at the Mondrian Hotel.

Me and my friend, Kimberly had a lunch meeting with Ms. Loren Petrowski who is a special event manager of Mondrian Hotel. We had great conversation, food (thanks to Loren!) and it was nice to see a new guest room.

This hotel is the best place to have a party/event for sure! Nice atmosphere, great food, drinks, view and people!!! The guest room is very stylish and has creative atmosphere. I love Mondrian Hotel!

Oh…I saw Randy Jackson as a judge on American Idol near by our table. He also seemed like having a business lunch with two people (Ok…at this time…I didn’t ask to myself “Do I know this guy? Where I met this guy?”)
I saw him on TV last night. So funny, when I saw Matt Giraud from American Idol this March (see my blog on March 12th ) was on Thursday(the day after I watched American Idol on TV), and today is Thursday as well.

I guess if we want to meet someone from American Idol in Hollywood…I think after the result show, Thursday is the best day!

Fashion show at the Celebrity Centre International Church of Scientology.

Tonight I picked Kimberly up at her home/office again and we went to fashion show/Fashion Careers International’s student fashion show which her client/The Eva Mejl Collection (by Eva Mejl who graduated from this school) was in this event.

The fashion show held at the “Celebrity Centre” at the Church of Scientology…

After we checked in the fashion show, we went to look for some secrets of this place…we walked around the garden…but we didn’t see any “strange things” or “secrets”. Ha ha ha!

Before start the fashion show, someone from the Celebrity Centre introduced us that they support artists and events like tonight show.

And it will available the tour of the Celebrity Centre International Church of Scientology after the fashion show…me and Kimberly talked to each other after hearing this information…”Let’s get off this place after the show as soon as possible!”

Yes, we did. After the last designer’s show…we run to the door and left…!

The fashion show was great! They don’t look like student’s work, really professional.

California Apparel News photographer and reporter were there, so it was really professional things.

Celebrity’s favorite or hang out places… Hotel and Church in Hollywood…two places in one day with Kimberly. I am very lucky to be here/L.A. with a great friend like Kimberly!!!

P.S. I just got a phone call tonight from Brad Elterman who is a president of Buzz Foto LLC/ I did a story of paparazzi for TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television) last year.

Tonight his phone call was…he made sure that I am coming to his exhibition opening reception this Saturday. Yes…I will…my “Hollywood things” are more to come.

Brad Elterman Photography Exhibition is at the Equator Books /Abbott Kinney, Venice /May 9-June 30. Exhibition: “LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY” Fine Art Paparazzi Photographs from the 70’s and 80’s by Brad Elterman. I look forward to seeing him and his work this Saturday.

Life is beautiful!!! Thank you to all.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 7, 2009

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