#44- American woman’s power!

Today’s/the 20th’s my highlight is…”Woman’s power”…I met nice three women. (Sorry…the highlight is not the “American Idol”…!)

My friend, Kimberly introduced me to Sharon and I met her, Serene who is an owner of HSMPR and Alexis Lamontagna who is a fashion designer (I am going to write about her in Senken-newspaper, so I can’t write about her in my blog before my article comes out) at HSMPR office & showroom today.

I always happy to meet smart career women because they work hard and they are having fun with their life. Makes me so happy to see them and gives me a great energy!

Serene and Sharon have very nice clients/fashion brands which love by many celebrities and Serene produces perfume oil” ZuzuzPetalz” as well.

I heard that” ZuzuzPetalz” is a secret fragrance/scent for celebrities…Wow, smell so flowery, so spring feel!

You can get it at shop,Coco de Mer/ 8618 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90069 or visit http://www.zuzuzpetalz.com/.

Serene gave me a bottle of ” ZuzuzPetalz”. Yes, this perfume oil is on my “Beauty secret counter” from now on.

I love American people, especially smart/funny/powerful career women! (Forget the Japanese men’s world!)

Anyway, smell nice and feel nice…Life is beautiful!

P.S. Kris is nice but American Idol has to be Adam…!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 20, 2009

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