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#48- Thank you note

I got a nice email last night from Dr. Sopheap Ly who survived Cambodia's Killing Fields.

(If you want to know about her and her new book “No Dream Beyond My Reach”, please read my blog on May 13,2009.)

She said to me in the email “so nice of you that you wrote about me”… and “i came america in 1987, 2 yr before you but we are proud as asian professionals that thrive with american dream.”

So nice to receive this kind of email from someone never met.

This morning, we (Dr. Sopheap and me) talked more by emails.


I love “Thank you note”. To receive it or send it…both way…I love it!


Today, I wrote 10 thank you notes for people who I interviewed and wrote. Tomorrow, I will send these notes and newspapers to them.

These days people want to go paper less…but, I think nice to see/read hand writing note and real one…I mean newspaper.

I draw a blue flower on the paper and wrote a short thank you note.

/ Hi ****, Here is your copy of Senken-newspaper. Thank you! Best, Yoko /

#47- Twitter is cool???

Lately so many people said…My Space is so last year and Face book is great…and and and Twitter is cool!

Really??? How???

Ok…I would love to find out…

Here you go! I just made my Twitter page!

I can’t wait to have fun with it!!!

Would you follow me or should I follow you???

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 27, 2009

#46- Today’s my pop art!

OMG…I can’t stop playing with Warholizer(!

Today’s my breakfast, my fruit of the day and my desktop wallpaper…turns into a pop art!

Anyway, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 22, 2009

#45- Play with pop art…!

I felt sad after watched "Ugly Betty"tonight…so I was wondering how can I make feel good before go to bed…and I found this tool/toy, Warholizer!

This toy was inspired by Andy Warhol's famous paintings of Marilyn Monroe.

My old headshot turns into a pop art!

This toy is sooo much fun and makes me so happy! Now I can go to bed peacefully.

Good night!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 22, 2009

#44- American woman’s power!

Today’s/the 20th’s my highlight is…”Woman’s power”…I met nice three women. (Sorry…the highlight is not the “American Idol”…!)

My friend, Kimberly introduced me to Sharon and I met her, Serene who is an owner of HSMPR and Alexis Lamontagna who is a fashion designer (I am going to write about her in Senken-newspaper, so I can’t write about her in my blog before my article comes out) at HSMPR office & showroom today.

I always happy to meet smart career women because they work hard and they are having fun with their life. Makes me so happy to see them and gives me a great energy!

Serene and Sharon have very nice clients/fashion brands which love by many celebrities and Serene produces perfume oil” ZuzuzPetalz” as well.

I heard that” ZuzuzPetalz” is a secret fragrance/scent for celebrities…Wow, smell so flowery, so spring feel!

You can get it at shop,Coco de Mer/ 8618 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90069 or visit

Serene gave me a bottle of ” ZuzuzPetalz”. Y…

#43- Work & Play with friends

Kimberly invited me a fashion show today and we sat on $300 ticket row. I always enjoy to work/play with a great friend, Kimberly.

She picked me up at my apartment and we went to California Market Center. The event “FASHION FOR LIFE 2009”held by Friendly House (, the oldest women’s recovery program in the country.

LA based fashion designers showed 2009 fall collection (I already saw many 2010 spring collections at the trade shows and fashion shows, so I sometimes mixed up the season and trend…!)

At this fashion show, the designers are David Meister, Trina Turk, Ina Soltani, Single (fashion director is Kimberly’s client, Ms.Galina Sobolev), Paige Black Label, Paige Premium Denim, PPD Mens and Fremont.

Ok…I have to stop writing like a press release.

Anyway, Kimberly and I got some complimentary hors d'oeuvres at this event, but Kimberly said ”Let’s get some real food and come back in half hour” and we walked to Tiara café/ across the street from Califor…

#42- No Dream Beyond My Reach

Monday, I heard the sad news, a U.S. soldier in Iraq opened fire on fellow troops at a counseling center inside a U.S. base and killed five soldiers.

I have no idea about the nightmare of war or Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome…but I know how hard to lose family…

My friend, Keasha sent me an email last night and told me about the radio show in this morning. Keasha edited the biography book of Dr. Sopheap Ly and Dr.Ly was on KPBS radio 89.5 FM this morning.

When you go to KPBS Radio station web site ( then click on the subject “Local Doctor Survived Cambodia's Killing Fields” or click on here (, you can listen to her interview.

Dr. Sopheap Ly and her family were caught up in the national nightmare that overtook Cambodia in the 1970s the takeover by the Communist Khmer Rouge. During the four years, it's estimated more than one and a half million Cambodians were k…


At the opening reception of Exhibition: “LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY” (Fine Art Paparazzi Photographs from the 70’s and 80’s by Brad Elterman)…

Three words…Hollywood Beautiful Fame

I liked the photo of Madonna with photographers at the press conference. I could feel a joy of Hollywood. Well done!

Oh…when I was wearing “Madonna style” in 20 something, it was really like yesterday as well.

Brad Elterman Photography Exhibition is at the Equator Books /Abbott Kinney, Venice CA until June 30.


Another LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY…My mother and me as a baby…I really feel like it was yesterday.

I called my mother in Japan before went out to the opening reception (because 17 hours ahead in Japan, so it was already mother’s day there), we had a great “Mother’s Day” conversation.

Three words for my mother…I LOVE YOU

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

P.S. Today’s Google logo/Mother’s Day logo is sooo cute! I wish I can keep it forever.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
May 10, 2009

#40- Lunch at the Mondrian Hotel and Fashion show at the Celebrity Centre International Church of Scientology…and more

Today was very “Hollywood” day.

Lunch at the Mondrian Hotel.

Me and my friend, Kimberly had a lunch meeting with Ms. Loren Petrowski who is a special event manager of Mondrian Hotel. We had great conversation, food (thanks to Loren!) and it was nice to see a new guest room.

This hotel is the best place to have a party/event for sure! Nice atmosphere, great food, drinks, view and people!!! The guest room is very stylish and has creative atmosphere. I love Mondrian Hotel!

Oh…I saw Randy Jackson as a judge on American Idol near by our table. He also seemed like having a business lunch with two people (Ok…at this time…I didn’t ask to myself “Do I know this guy? Where I met this guy?”)
I saw him on TV last night. So funny, when I saw Matt Giraud from American Idol this March (see my blog on March 12th ) was on Thursday(the day after I watched American Idol on TV), and today is Thursday as well.

I guess if we want to meet someone from American Idol in Hollywood…I think after the re…

#39- H1N1 Virus or Trojan Virus?

I always wash hands with soap or clean hands with sanitizing gel each act which means…for example…during I am working/writing with computer…if I touch books or papers then I wash my hands before touching my computer…Sounds like OCD(Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder),but I am not…I am a super clean freak…!

I always gargle with salt water in the morning, during the day (especially when I get home from outside, even though/down stairs to get my mails), before go to bed…because I don’t want to get germs in my system.

Anyway, my point is I don’t think I will get a swine flu (H1N1 Virus) because of this habit, you know what I mean.

But…comes to Computer Virus…different story.

Even though I clean, spray my computer and I have a Norton Anti Virus system in my computer, I get some virus from outside.

Yesterday, I was enjoying “Gossip Girl season 1” episodes on website and I got twice big troubles with Trojan Virus, Browser Hijacker etc…took 4 hours to take care of this problem.

Why people make the…