#37- Sushi cooking lesson & wasabi bath

Yesterday, I went to sushi school (Sushi Institute of America, 843 E. 4th St., Los Angeles, (213) 617-8090, http://www.sushi-instituteofamerica.com/) and took a sushi cooking lesson.

My friend, Sumiyo is a manager of this school and she told me about this special class for a day and I thought…I always spend around $80 for sushi bar…why not to make sushi by myself from now on and save money??? The class is only $120(3.5 hours), but it was worth than this price!!!

We cooked “nigiri sushi” (regular sushi)-maguro (tuna),salmon, ebi (prawn), unagi (eel), “maki sushi” (rolled sushi)-salmon roll,california roll, miso soup and seafood salad( left over tuna & salmon). It was sooo much fun! Two instructors were really funny and great. There were two assistants helped us and it was a great service & entertainment class.

This school owned by owner of Katsuya restaurant and president of Japanese food importer Mutual Trading Co.

I also learned how to prepare sushi rice and how to prepare tasty miso soup base. Glad that I found out how to prepare ebi(prawn)! I was always wondering how to boil prawn for flat. Now got a secret of flat prawn!

After the sushi cooking day, I took a “wasabi(horseradish for sushi) bath” at home. When I traveled Izu,Japan / hot spring spot couple of month ago, I got some “wasabi bath powder”, so I had a unique bath last night.

Yesterday, I enjoyed sooo Sushi!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 19, 2009

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