#36- My favorite project in spring is…

Maintenance manager at my apartment building always says “your apartment is the cleanest in this building!” So nice to hear that I am the number 1 of 263 units!

Yes, I am a clean freak…I love cleaning and beautiful rooms with fresh flowers and plants makes me sooo happy!

When I was working at Entrepreneur magazine, I used to help/cleaning my colleagues desk & office on the spring cleaning day. (Entrepreneur Media Inc. has a spring cleaning day once a year and company provides pizza lunch on that day.) It was fun memories.

My office at Entrepreneur Media Inc. (I had a nice room by myself) was always clean, so I didn’t have any special cleaning project on spring cleaning day…so I helped my colleagues on that day.

By the way, I started my spring cleaning days yesterday, on Easter! Bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets…about eight days…I am going to have fun with special cleaning days.

Oh…my favorite food this week is soybeans & baby beets salad. Thank god…I was crazy about kettle popcorn for last three weeks (especially after every dinner…when I was watching TV.)

Soybeans & baby beets salad and spring cleaning projects…I feel so happy! (Am I some other ”freak”???)

P.S. My soybeans & baby beets salad is really easy,some soybeans, sweet corns,baby beets with the soy sauce and sesame oil, that’s all. This dish makes me sooo happy. Try one!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 13, 2009

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