#38- Meeting 1000 new people!

Today, I went to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Global Tex show (the tradeshow for apparel textiles and technology) and met many people for interview/writing my articles.

I had a lot of fun!!! Especially at the lunch time, I met one woman who is an important person for this industry and one cute 20 something model.

The woman said” Are you going to eat everything???”

Me: Yes…I know I shouldn’t eat this much…I gain 20 pounds in three years and I have to lose weight(I was 85lbs ten years ago)…but I love eating,so I am going to eat everything!!!

(I had two chicken salad wrap sandwiches, French fries and apple juice.)

The woman: You are so cute!

Me: Oh…thank you! Are you from ****? (I saw her badge)

The woman: Yes, I am from ****.

Me: I am a writer for Senken newspaper which is a largest fashion trade newspaper in Japan. Similar to WWD, DNR and California Apparel News. I am a freelance writer, so I do many projects beside this newspaper.

The woman: Oh really! I do **** as well. By the way, can I have one bite of your French fries? I had already vegetable wrap sandwiches earlier, but I want to taste it!

Me: Sure! Have some!

And a cute model walked near by us and this woman asked her that her grandson’s showroom is always looking for a model, so she needs her photos.

So this cute model joined our table…we had fun conversation for one hour and half.

This woman was sooo funny and we made another lunch plan for next week. It was nice to meet a new friend!

Oh…I have run out of my 1000 business cards today…I have three cards left…Wow…I met new 1000 people in two years…

So…When I was on the way back to my home, I ordered my new 1000 business cards at Office Depot (I usually go to Staples, but I tried Office Depot at this time.)

OMG…at the Office Depot in downtown LA…”20 something cute boy” (really stylish guy!) asked me out…

The boy: Hi, do you know ***?

Me: I don’t know ***, I don’t live in this area…so I am sorry.

The boy: Are you married?

Me: No…

The boy: You are so cute, can I take you out?

Me: What??? Oh…thank you……..but I don’t think so...I am old for you. You look 20 something…are you 23? 25???

The boy: No…30…I really want to take you out for dinner!

Me: Oh I don’t think so…You know…I am 45! 45!!!

The boy: It’s ok…I am just 5 years younger than you. I am 39! You are so cute!

Me: Oh…you are so kind and nice. You made my day! Thank you very much. But…I can’t go out with you.

The boy: Ok...take care. You really cute! Bye…

So LA! Today, I really felt that I live in LA.

I love meeting new people, so nice!!!

My new 1000 business cards will be ready in 10 days, I can’t wait to meet another 1000 new people!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 28, 2009

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