#34- April smart???

“Guess what! I have big news!!! I will interview Obama for ***TV news program tomorrow in London!”…this is my April fool’s Day joke for Suzie.

At first, she believed me and said,” What’s??? Are you going to work with ***TV?”

Me: Yeah, I have to go to London tomorrow.

Suzie: Oh…April Fool…Obama is not going to be in London tomorrow. **** (her six years old daughter) did April fool’s Day joke on me for every five minutes this morning…so…

Me: Oh…shoot…! You are too smart to trick…! Ha ha ha!!!

After this joke, she wrote me a text message said…You are too funny!!!!! I loved your April fool’s Day Joke.

She is so sweet to write me this email. It was fun to trick on Suzie.


Yes, I have another sweet friend, Sumiyo.

Last night, I had a Sushi dinner with her and she treated me as my birthday dinner…

At this economic downtime, I told her that we have to save our money at this time, so don’t worry about my birthday thing, but she treated me a dinner last night. So sweet!

I don’t care about the material things, I really care about the spiritual things, but I am really appreciating Sumiyo’s friendship!


Neely’ store, Xin (in West Hollywood http://www.xinboutique.com/) doing well and she has a great strategy at economic downtime, so I wrote about her(she is a co-owner of Xin and she is a fashion designer of Issho) and her store in Senken newspaper(Japanese top fashion trade newspaper, similar to WWD,DNR and California Apparel News) the other day.

The article came out well on March 30th in Japan and I told her about it on the phone today.

Neely told me, “You are the best! I will help your career as well.”

Oh…this is great friendship as well. Help each other, win win situation with friendship!


Andrew who is a reporter for California Apparel News also helped me today for my research/writing for Senken newspaper.

I asked his help and I had many questions,but he wrote me back right away.

He is a great journalist and a great friend!!!


I really appreciate all my friend are so sweet and fun!

Have a great one to you, my readers and friends!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
April 1, 2009

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