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#38- Meeting 1000 new people!

Today, I went to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Global Tex show (the tradeshow for apparel textiles and technology) and met many people for interview/writing my articles.

I had a lot of fun!!! Especially at the lunch time, I met one woman who is an important person for this industry and one cute 20 something model.

The woman said” Are you going to eat everything???”

Me: Yes…I know I shouldn’t eat this much…I gain 20 pounds in three years and I have to lose weight(I was 85lbs ten years ago)…but I love eating,so I am going to eat everything!!!

(I had two chicken salad wrap sandwiches, French fries and apple juice.)

The woman: You are so cute!

Me: Oh…thank you! Are you from ****? (I saw her badge)

The woman: Yes, I am from ****.

Me: I am a writer for Senken newspaper which is a largest fashion trade newspaper in Japan. Similar to WWD, DNR and California Apparel News. I am a freelance writer, so I do many projects beside this newspaper.

The woman: Oh really! I do **** as well. …

#37- Sushi cooking lesson & wasabi bath

Yesterday, I went to sushi school (Sushi Institute of America, 843 E. 4th St., Los Angeles, (213) 617-8090, and took a sushi cooking lesson.

My friend, Sumiyo is a manager of this school and she told me about this special class for a day and I thought…I always spend around $80 for sushi bar…why not to make sushi by myself from now on and save money??? The class is only $120(3.5 hours), but it was worth than this price!!!

We cooked “nigiri sushi” (regular sushi)-maguro (tuna),salmon, ebi (prawn), unagi (eel), “maki sushi” (rolled sushi)-salmon roll,california roll, miso soup and seafood salad( left over tuna & salmon). It was sooo much fun! Two instructors were really funny and great. There were two assistants helped us and it was a great service & entertainment class.

This school owned by owner of Katsuya restaurant and president of Japanese food importer Mutual Trading Co.

I also learned how to prepare sushi rice and how to prepare ta…

#36- My favorite project in spring is…

Maintenance manager at my apartment building always says “your apartment is the cleanest in this building!” So nice to hear that I am the number 1 of 263 units!

Yes, I am a clean freak…I love cleaning and beautiful rooms with fresh flowers and plants makes me sooo happy!

When I was working at Entrepreneur magazine, I used to help/cleaning my colleagues desk & office on the spring cleaning day. (Entrepreneur Media Inc. has a spring cleaning day once a year and company provides pizza lunch on that day.) It was fun memories.

My office at Entrepreneur Media Inc. (I had a nice room by myself) was always clean, so I didn’t have any special cleaning project on spring cleaning day…so I helped my colleagues on that day.

By the way, I started my spring cleaning days yesterday, on Easter! Bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets…about eight days…I am going to have fun with special cleaning days.

Oh…my favorite food this week is soybeans & baby beets salad. Thank god…I was crazy about kettle p…

#35- Party pooper??? He said, She said…

Lately I use Facebook more than MySpace.

Out of the blue…I got many messages from strangers on MySpace yesterday…and I wrote some of them back.

OMG…the last message from someone said…”doh! party pooper...”

He said: I mostly attracted to the opposite of me - dark hair/skin/eyes, petite.... where in LA are u? we should meet for coffee sometime...

She (me) said: Thank you for asking, but no thank you... I like meeting people who care more inside than outside...sorry...! I am sure that you will find who you are looking for! Good luck to you!

He said: doh! party pooper...

She (me) said: Hello ****,Thank you for your reply. Good luck for everything. I am wishing for you. Have a good one.

It was funny that I didn’t understand what he wrote at first, so I had to search the word ”party pooper” in the dictionary. Oh…I see…the meaning of “party pooper”…

My nickname was “party animal” in 20 something…but…never “party pooper” until yesterday…ha ha ha! What a funny word!

Yesterday’s new slung word …

#34- April smart???

“Guess what! I have big news!!! I will interview Obama for ***TV news program tomorrow in London!”…this is my April fool’s Day joke for Suzie.

At first, she believed me and said,” What’s??? Are you going to work with ***TV?”

Me: Yeah, I have to go to London tomorrow.

Suzie: Oh…April Fool…Obama is not going to be in London tomorrow. **** (her six years old daughter) did April fool’s Day joke on me for every five minutes this morning…so…

Me: Oh…shoot…! You are too smart to trick…! Ha ha ha!!!

After this joke, she wrote me a text message said…You are too funny!!!!! I loved your April fool’s Day Joke.

She is so sweet to write me this email. It was fun to trick on Suzie.


Yes, I have another sweet friend, Sumiyo.

Last night, I had a Sushi dinner with her and she treated me as my birthday dinner…

At this economic downtime, I told her that we have to save our money at this time, so don’t worry about my birthday thing, but she treated me a dinner …