#28- Do I know this guy?!

Today, I went to TRAFFIC at Beverly Center for my work (I did an interview with Ilan /buyer & creative director and Sara /buyer & owner of TRAFFIC for fashion trade newspaper in Japan/ Senken newspaper.)

During the interview…”cute guy” came to the store…

”Oh…he looks familiar…Do I know this guy???” I was looking at his face, but I couldn’t remember where I met him…

I am not good at memorizing people’s name and face…One time, I talked with someone for ten minutes, but I couldn’t remember who he was…or one time, I was talking to someone in Japanese for couple of minutes who doesn’t speak Japanese(who is an American woman)… I thought this woman is one of my Japanese acquaintance…I have many stories about this issue…

Anyway, Today…I thought I know this guy for sure!!! But…where did I meet him??? I was thinking thinking and thinking…and I found out (I thought I found out)!…”the designer from one of the premium denim brand”…but...which brand??? I was looking at his face for a moment…and I was almost going to say to him…”I think I met you at Project show in Las Vegas. How are you? How is your business?”…Oh… I am so glad…I didn’t!

Sara told me, “Yoko…here is well known stylist Mr.*****”(Sara introduced me to the guy next to “this guy”)…Oh…now….I remember…who this guy is(next to the stylist)…I saw him(this guy) last night “on TV”! Ha! He is from American Idol (this new season), Matt Giraud!

He is so cute in person, really! He made my day!

By the way, TRAFFIC is a great store, really! (I am going to write an article about them, so I can’t write detail about them, but celebrity’s favorite store!)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 12, 2009

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