#29- At the Media table…

Tonight, designer Ms.Galina Sobolev of SINGLE had a private preview Fall 2009. Fashion show with cocktails and hors d'ourves at Maxim Restaurant, an authentic Russian favorite of Galina.

I always bring some friends to this kind of event, but I went to this event by myself tonight (but…my friend, Andrew who is a reporter with California Apparel News came to my table, so I was not alone!)

My table…Media table(there were three media tables) was nice…two of Los Angeles Times reporters, three of WWD reporters, my friend,Andrew who is a California Apparel News reporter, KTLA News reporter(Ms.Wendy Burch) and me.

Wendy was talking about the Octuplets mom, Nadya Suleman…she reported this story today on KTLA news …she said ”Nadya Suleman has been out shopping at a MAC Cosmetics store and spent $1,000 worth of makeup supplies.”

I wish I could talk to Wendy more at the table…but she was busy talking to two of Los Angeles Times reporters…

One time, I saw Wendy at the press conference (I don’t remember which one), she is very beautiful and she looked very sweet and smart. Tonight,she was the same,beautiful and looked sweet and smart.

When Wendy reported about the woman who lost her house in Malibu wildfires on abc7 Eyewitness News, I really liked her report. It was very sincere report.

Oh…fashion show…it was a nice sneak peek…(I am going to write an article about this …so I can’t write about it right now…) Galina is so beautiful and sweet woman. She talked about her line and her business to us at our table for long time and she is really a great designer & great business woman.

Food was great and it was a great night.

Thanks to Kimberly! (she is my great friend and her/she own the PR company/ client is SINGLE. Kimberly was the one who invited me to this event tonight!)

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 16, 2009

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