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#33- How old are you?

Yesterday, Suzie told me funny story, her grandmother (who passed away last week) lied her age to family and friends until she died.

Her real age was 103 or 104 instead of 98(Suzie and her mother still don’t know her real age, because social security office people don’t give her info to them yet.) Her death certificate says 98, but social security card says different number on it. How funny!

We (Japanese people) always ask people’s age and I don’t mind to tell my age to people…but I found out American people don’t do it not much, especially woman.

By the way, yesterday, the 26th was my birthday…so…from now on…I will follow the American way and not tell my age to people. “Forever 21”!!!! Ha ha ha!

My birthday was the best day. Suzie made my day!!! Lunch, cake with candle, Dinner, cup cakes with candle (my age number was on it) with Suzie and her family, I had a wonderful birthday! I loved my birthday presents, but my best present was her friendship. I am so lucky to have her as my best…

#32- Farewell party in Century City

Tonight we had a farewell party for Mr.Tetsu Fujiwara of TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television) Los Angeles Bureau Chief.

He is my hero! He is a great journalist and I had great working time with him. After four years…he is going back to Tokyo, Japan this Friday

The party was at Pink Taco in the Century City Mall. I picked the place.

Mondrian Hotel, W Los Angeles – Westwood are great place to have a party…but, Pink Taco is next door from TBS TV office,they have great food, fun atmosphere and good party price/party package/party space, so we had a party at this place.

Mr.Fujiwara has great staff and friends. We had a great time at the party!

I will miss him…Good luck to Mr. Fujiwara!

To Japanese people: please watch more TBS TV! Number 1 for news in Japan!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 24,2009

#31- Japan team is the champion again of WBC!!!

After five hours tonight…OMG!!! The Japanese are the champions once again of the World Baseball Classic!!!

I watched last night game and tonight game on TV. I wish I could be at the Dodger Stadium tonight(I live in Los Feliz, just ten minutes away…)

Ichiro Suzuki, Yu Darvish, Hisashi Iwakuma and Kenji Jojima are so cute…oh…I was not really watching “Baseball”… I was watching those guys! Ha ha ha!

My Japanese friend who is a TV cameraman, he is working at the game for Japanese sports channel tonight, so I am looking forward to hearing from him about the back stage story at Dodger Stadium.

Anyway, ”Samurai Japan” won in the world. I am so happy!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 23, 2009

#30- I got many positive messages at L.A. Fashion week!

Since yesterday, there is a L.A. Fashion week in Downtown L.A. fashion district. There are many fashion shows, trade shows and many people in many showrooms.

This morning, I met Fraser (owner of Kitson) at New Mart and he had a big smile on his face.

Me: Hi Fraser, how are you again!

Fraser: I am doing fine!

Of course he is doing fine, he recently opened a new Kitson store in Tokyo, Japan and he got big money.

Me: I heard your new store doing very well in Tokyo! Good for you!!! So, I would like to interview you regarding your new store/project sometimes soon.

Fraser: Sure!

I am looking forward to finding out more his positive story.

During the lunch time with Ed (who is a co-owner of Designers and Agents/D&A show) and Barbara (who is a co-owner of D&A show), I got great messages from them.

Barbara said:At this economic downtime, we all help each other! (There are more great messages/comments, but I am going to write about her comments in my article for Senken…

#29- At the Media table…

Tonight, designer Ms.Galina Sobolev of SINGLE had a private preview Fall 2009. Fashion show with cocktails and hors d'ourves at Maxim Restaurant, an authentic Russian favorite of Galina.

I always bring some friends to this kind of event, but I went to this event by myself tonight (but…my friend, Andrew who is a reporter with California Apparel News came to my table, so I was not alone!)

My table…Media table(there were three media tables) was nice…two of Los Angeles Times reporters, three of WWD reporters, my friend,Andrew who is a California Apparel News reporter, KTLA News reporter(Ms.Wendy Burch) and me.

Wendy was talking about the Octuplets mom, Nadya Suleman…she reported this story today on KTLA news …she said ”Nadya Suleman has been out shopping at a MAC Cosmetics store and spent $1,000 worth of makeup supplies.”

I wish I could talk to Wendy more at the table…but she was busy talking to two of Los Angeles Times reporters…

One time, I saw Wendy at the press conference (I don’t…

#28- Do I know this guy?!

Today, I went to TRAFFIC at Beverly Center for my work (I did an interview with Ilan /buyer & creative director and Sara /buyer & owner of TRAFFIC for fashion trade newspaper in Japan/ Senken newspaper.)

During the interview…”cute guy” came to the store…

”Oh…he looks familiar…Do I know this guy???” I was looking at his face, but I couldn’t remember where I met him…

I am not good at memorizing people’s name and face…One time, I talked with someone for ten minutes, but I couldn’t remember who he was…or one time, I was talking to someone in Japanese for couple of minutes who doesn’t speak Japanese(who is an American woman)… I thought this woman is one of my Japanese acquaintance…I have many stories about this issue…

Anyway, Today…I thought I know this guy for sure!!! But…where did I meet him??? I was thinking thinking and thinking…and I found out (I thought I found out)!…”the designer from one of the premium denim brand”…but...which brand??? I was looking at his face for a moment…

#27- Six years old birthday girl said…

My best friend’s daughter’s birthday was yesterday and I went to their birthday picnic yesterday.

It was very peaceful and I had a great time with them. My best friend, Suzie told me that we usually spend our kid’s birthday party around $2000, but this year we would like to keep it low key.

The birthday girl said…I don’t wanna be old…

What’s??? She is only 6 years old and she doesn’t wanna be old???

The reason for that is…She still wants to be a baby for her mom…Oh…that’s so cute!!!

She wanna be together with her mom for long time…Oh…that’s so sweet and smart to think like that.

I was very happy to be with them yesterday and celebrate a beautiful family moment.

Yes, life is beautiful!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
March 7, 2009