#24- I see great things at this economic downtime…

Since last month, I went to many fashion trade shows in L.A. at fashion week and stores in L.A. And I interviewed many fashion designers and store owners for my writing.

I really realized that there are still many people doing well at this time…during this economic downtime, because they have great energy and talent. They stand out at anytime, anywhere.

At this time…we will be so picky for everything (saving money, of course)…I love it!

The other day, I finally canceled on my gym/ 24 hour fitness center(I am a member since 10 years ago),so I will only exercise at my apartment fitness center from now on(I still have to pay to my gym until March)…oh…my point is…the great business always think big & forward which means always thinking about the future products/services and customers.

The payment manager at my gym asked me that “why you want to quit our gym?”(I thought great question for their business!)

I told him that I want to save my money at this economic downtime and I have not been to gym lately(not often), so I feel like I donated money to your gym for long time…(I was trying to be funny…didn’t work… ha ha ha!)

The manager said “ok.”…that’s all!

What if I was in his shoes…I would say to the customers, “How much could you pay for your gym? If we will discount on your payment, would you keep your membership?” or “After saving your money, please come back to us!” or something nice to say to customers, you know???

Anyway, many products and services are going to be very creative and good quality from now on (we have to!) which means bad quality/rip off junk products and services will be out and only good ones will be last in this world. Great spring cleaning in the world!

I hope I will be stand out from the cloud or the crowd!

P.S. I will go to Las Vegas this week for fashion event, so I will find out more tips from great people.

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Feb 16, 2009

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