#23- Am I a good negotiator?!

Have you seen 20/20 (ABC TV) on the 30th ('Unsaid Chemistry': Science of Seduction Four Couples, Biological Anthropologist Explore the Changing Rules of Attraction)?

I recorded it and I saw it this afternoon and I took a test of biological personality types by biological anthropologist Helen Fisher. My result/my primary personality type is a “explore” (my secondary personality type is a “negotiator”.)

Ms.Fisher suspects we are all some combination of these four types, which she has named the explorer (risk-taking, associated with dopamine), the builder (calm, traditional, associated with serotonin), the director (analytical, tough-minded and decisive, associated with testosterone) and the negotiator (emotionally expressive and empathetic, associated with estrogen).
* This info is from ABC TV website http://abcnews.go.com/2020/Story?id=6761212&page=1

I think everybody is different, so we can’t simply devise four types of personalities, but it was fun to take a test like this.

And I think I am a good negotiator! I did negotiate my apartment rent the other day and it went well again. At this economic downtime…my apartment company was planning to raise my rent for 6% (increase $77), but I negotiated my rent with a manager and the rent will increase 4.5% (increase $57) from March. The manager gave me 1.5%($20) discount.

At first year was 11% increased (I nagotiated! instead of 17%,$205 increase) and second year was 3% increased (I nagotiated! instead of 7.5%,$100 increase)…and this year…my rent will $57 go up. I researched rent of my neighbors/friends, the other apartment reviews and I am happy about my result.

I have a nice pool view, big nice tree, palm trees, flowers and hill side view… I guess this rent is fare to me for now…

By the way, the last message of 20/20 (ABC TV) was "If everybody could match people easily, we wouldn't have been talking about romantic love for the last 4 million years”…but…I think that easy to match people and match with happiness life…just feel happy by our self…and then we can feel happy with everybody right?!

I had great time with Keasha, Suzie and Junko this month. I am happy that I did celebrate their birthdays this month and it was a precious moment in my life. I have a nice place to live and have a nice family and…have nice friends!

It was a nice first month of this year. I hope you had a great month too!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Jan 31, 2009

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