#18- Britney Spears at Americana at Brand today…

Today, I had lunch and coffee with my friend, Keasha at Americana at Brand. After our lunch, we saw many people in front of Kitson…yes, someone who is a celebrity was in the shop.

Britney Spears was in the shop…!

While Britney Spears was shopping at Kitson, many people were outside and looking inside the shop and taking photos of Britney. Yes, there was one lucky paparazzi who got exclusive photos. Good for him! A couple of thousand dollars???

This summer, I worked on a paparazzi story on TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television) news program. We followed some paparazzi(X17 paparazzi and teenager paparazzi) for four days and interviewed them. We got many interesting stories about paparazzi. So I know the one paparazzi(I saw today) got good money for today.

When Britney Spears went to Katsuya after shopping at Kiston, there were three other paparazzi came from somewhere. Wow, even though in Glendale…there are celebrities and paparazzi combination.

Kitson owner, Mr.Fraser Ross is a smart business man. I met him a couple of times for my work (I write for Senken-Shimbun which is a top fashion trade newspaper in Japan) and I thought he has a smart business concept (regarding celebrities PR and product lines.)

Kitson has a great business strategy and great PR…for some people…but…not for me…sorry Kitson…the business concept doesn’t work for me…I don’t like the idea that keep shut the door while celebrity is shopping. People are equal…should not shut the door like that for customer(who is like me)…but it seems like works for many customer/people…after Britney left…many people went to Kitson. Good for Kitson! (see…I am doing some PR for them anyway,so…Kitson is really something.)

By the way, as a writer/journalist, I really don’t care who is famous or who is rich…but I love to watch people in the city…everybody is different…very interesting.

Keasha is a special friend of mine who I met at Entrepreneur Magazine(Entrepreneur Media Inc.)

I was the staff writer for Entrepreneur Japanese edition and she was the editor for Entrepreneur Magazine. She is soooooooo smart, funny and beautiful. I like about her most is…she is a very independent woman.

We talked about her life (about her work/her future projects, wedding ceremony / I was the bridesmaids at her wedding in this May, her son, her husband, her mother, her brother, her mother-in-law…),my life(about my work/future projects, my dream, my mother, my brother),stock market, Obama, Aso (new Prime Minister of Japan), woman discrimination(I have many comments on this subject…of course…not about U.S.A./L.A….I am talking about Japan…),TV shows, Sushi bar…Wow…we spent 8 hours!!!

She is also so sweet and kind…she treated me lunch (we had a great lunch at FRIDA MEXICAN CUISINE) and gave me a Christmas gift…I feel like I am having a “Birthday week”…this week.

Yes, I am going to shopping in Japan for my friends and…I will be a “belated-Santa” in January, 2009 for them.

Anyway…I am going to Japan next week…I am sure that…I have many stories from Japan to share with you all.

To all my readers…Happy Holidays and Happy 2009!!!


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Dec 6, 2008

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