#12- Love power from Rena Inoue & John Baldwin…that’s hot!

I am working on the documentary TV program (This documentary program it's called “Fukkatsu no hi” which means “the day of the comeback”. We are introducing a person who has a successful and happy life after suffering. It's a new TV program for this fall in Japan) with TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television) in this month. Monday the 17th is the last shooting day for this segment.

We picked Ms. Rena Inoue and Mr. John Baldwin who are figure Skaters for our segment (the 26th on air in Japan) and we are filming them since this Monday the 10th.

As a single woman myself…I love my life & myself and I am enjoying my single life like a “Sex and the City”…but, now…I have changed my mind! Rena and John are a soooooooo sweet couple and I feel like…“I am ready to marry!!!” with someone like John who is a sweet and nice guy! Rena is a lucky girl (Of course, John is a lucky boy too).

They skate like a single skater… that’s love!!! Such a nice feeling to see & feel “The one love, real love”…Oh…such a nice feeling!

By the way, when we are filming Rena & John the other day at the Paramount Iceland, I met the figure Skater, Ms. Sasha Cohen and the coach (for Rena & John), Mr. Phillip Mills.


Me: Wow, that girl is so great! I love her dance and skate!

Phillip: That’s Sasha. I know she is great!

Me: What’s? You mean Sasha Cohen?

Phillip: Yeah.


I enjoyed Rena & John’s performance (they were training) and Sasha’s performance (she was practicing).

And…When Sasha was going to leave… I just said hello to her.


Me: Hi Sasha! I love your skate and your passion! I enjoyed your skate!!!

Sasha: Oh, thank you! I am going to Japan in January.

Me: Really? I live here, but I am a freelance writer, so if you need some support for Japanese media or Japanese market, let me know, I will help you! (I gave my business card to her.)  Have fun and good luck in Japan!!!

Sasha: Ok! Thank you!

Me: Have a great trip to Japan!!!


Rena and John’s coach, Phillip is very friendly and a positive person. He always said to Rena and John, “bravo”!!! And he clapped!!! (Of course Rena and John are great!!! That’s why Phillip clapped, but Phillip is so sweet and funny!)


Phillip: Sasha is nice hun!

Me: Today, I am so lucky that I am watching two TV channels at the same time, Rena & John’s channel and Sasha’s channel!

Phillip: Ha ha ha!!!

Me: Wow, Rena and John are great skaters!!!

Phillip: Yes, they are wonderful!!!


We (TBS TV) are following Rena and John’s daily life for a couple of days…their home, skate rink, etc…so much fun!!!

I love to meet happy people and introduce their lives to people in the world, yes this is my job and I love doing it for people!

I am so happy to share my happy feelings and happy stories with people.

Have a happy life to all!!!

Love + Love + Love,

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Nov 13, 2008
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

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