#8- Suicide, Fashion shows, Fashion trade shows and Parties in the City…

I feel like I am in the “CSI” and the “Sex and the City” since March.

Since last Sunday, I had many picnics at LAPD and the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, and I was a paparazzi (By the way, I am a journalist) at the Mark Geragos Office.

As you may know, “the Japanese O.J. Simpson” Kazuyoshi Miura who was accused of being involved in the killing of his wife (at the time), Mrs. Kazumi Miura. The prolonged legal battle lasting decades ended when he committed suicide last week on Friday the 10th.

I have been working with Miura’s case for Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS TV/major TV station in Japan) since March and especially this suicide case from the 11th until three days ago. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in front of LAPD Parker Center and the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. It was soooooooo much fun! Yes, I can enjoy anytime at anywhere with anybody!


I missed many fashion shows and parties last week and I finally could attend the Los Angeles fashion market week (fashion shows, fashion trade shows and parties) since three days ago (Oh…Friday night, we /TBS TV filmed the fashion show at the California Market Center, because we are working on the other story about the economic crisis in U.S.A. story).

My ten days was the interesting drama than “Heroes” (What’s happen to the “Heroes”?  I can’t track the story line anymore. So boring…So “schizophrenia story” to me. I am going to say good bye to this TV show).

Anyway, I talked to Mr. Rick Jackson, a LAPD detective, Mr. Ed Winter, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, interviewed with the former prisoner at the House of Bail Bonds, I saw Mrs. Miura and detective Mr. Jimmy Sakoda, etc…and at the fashion show on Friday the 17th, I shook hands with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa again (I went to the party at his home, Getty House in March and I shook hands and talked with him at the time), I saw some celebrities, I interviewed some fashion designers, I talked with some of my friends at the events & parties and I met many new people within ten days…I guess I met almost 60 new people!


Oh my god! My highlight moment was I did reunion with my best friend, Suzie. We had some issues and apart for eight years (we are friends since 1986) and we have been talking and emailing to each other almost every other day since we found out that we are working on this Miura cold case story at the different places since March (She is always so busy, so we couldn’t see each other for seven months since March)…

Oh my god, Oh my god!!  This is a destiny!!! Yes, finally Suzie and I met at the press conference of Mr. Jimmy Sakoda on last Thursday the 16th.

She told me that “It was such a treat to finally see each other again!!!!! Seeing you made me realize how much I had missed our friendship and I am so glad that we are together again!!!! You are my lifetime friend and sister!!!! ”

Same here, I love Suzie so much!!! 

“It was so WONDERFUL seeing you today!!!!!! We really have to Thank Miura!!!!! At least he did one thing good! ”

I agree with Suzie.


I believe, there is always karma in our lives…bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people.

Life is beautiful, always!!! Really!!!

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Oct 19, 2008
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

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