#9- My nickname is........

The other day, my favorite Japanese TV Journalist, Mr. F (one of the major Japanese TV station, Los Angeles Bureau Chief) nicknamed me……..“Coordinator Geragos”.

You know…Mr. Geragos is the one, “the attorney”, Mr. Mark Geragos…

Oh my god…Mr. F gave me a new nickname........ “Coordinator Geragos”.

Why???  Am I…….. An expensive coordinator (field producer, researcher, reporter, interviewer, translator, interpreter and driver…I do anything!) or a tough negotiator (I never give up anything!) or a great journalist or a famous coordinator or …….. ?!  ha ha ha!


When I was in elementary school (age at 10 and 11), one of my teacher nicknamed me…“Baby gang (this is a Japanese English!)”. Since then, my class mates called me “Baby gang” for two years (I moved my school every two years, so I was in that school for two years).

I was so little (I am still tiny), but I always talk too much and laugh too much, I guess I was a “little gangster”.


And I grew up and came to U.S.A………When I was learning English at SDSU (San Diego State University) in 20 something, many friends called me “Party animal”.

The other day, my friend, Suzie recalled our first moment when we became friend in the bathroom at SDSU dorm.

Suzie: I remember, you were in the bathroom early in the morning and you were already dressed up! And you told me, “I just got back from the party! ”

Me: Ahahaha!!! That’s right! I had soooooooo much fun at that time!

Suzie: You are so funny!

Yes…I was a party animal.


When I was in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute as an actress, at the time many friends called me “Party animal” or “Madam Yoko”.

Ok…at the time, “Madam Hollywood, Heidi Fleiss” was in trouble…but I was an angel version of “Madam”!

I introduced many friends to many friends which means, I helped many friends to get jobs, boyfriends, girlfriends, apartments, Feng-Shui luck…you name it! I did everything I could help my friends.

My best friend, Suzie…she got a first Japanese TV job from me, she got a Santa Monica apartment from me and……..she got a boyfriend/husband from me. Ok…I better to stop writing/talking about this story…I know…I sometimes have a “big mouth”…I am tiny, but I have a “big mouth”…!

Sorry Suzie…I am not going to talk about this anymore…our friendship is a private!!! yes. yes. yes.

By the way, my old boyfriends…Chris and Tory, if you guys read this blog and remember me…please pay me back…$300 for Christopher Piano who is an actor, and $2700 for Troy Bass who is a photographer/cameraman or if you know these guys, please let them know, I need this money now…especially at this time, economic crisis! Please!!!


The other day, my friend Kimberly who owns the PR company called me…“Best PR person”.

Kimberly is the greatest PR person in Los Angeles, so I wrote about her in Senken-Shimbun (which is a top fashion trade newspaper in Japan.  Similar to WWD and California Apparel News) as a great PR person.  And I always introduce her and her work to people who I meet at fashion events and parties.


Yesterday, I got an automatic voice sales call from Direct TV…and after the message I was waiting someone to talk to…and one salesperson pick up my call, so I told him that please remove my name and number from your list, but he sounds very friendly (of course, he is a salesperson) and he asked me “What is your ethnicity? ”  Oh god…!

Me: Excuse me? Why I have to tell you my ethnicity? Please remove my name from your sales list.

Salesperson: Please tell me your ethnicity! I like your accent! Cute!!!

Me: Japanese…Do I have a cute accent???

Salesperson: Yes! You sound so cute!!! I love your Japanese accent! Konnichiwa!

Me: Ok…I know what you are doing…You are very friendly and a good salesman…, but you know what…I am a tough negotiator and I am a journalist, which means you can’t sell me anything!!!  Did you get it???  By the way, is this a new way (at first, automatic voice mail, then transfer to salesperson) to sell something to people over the phone?  I get many automatic voice sales calls every day from auto insurance, health insurance, credit card and cable TV…many companies!

Salesperson: We are Direct TV, I don’t know the other companies are doing…

Me: Anyway…economy crisis affects many people…Good luck with your sales! Oh…please remove my phone number…my number is…

Salesperson: Oh…I have your phone number…I will remove your number from our list. Have a great day!


My first job was a salesperson for an advertisement/PR company (at the time, there were not many female salespersons in advertisement business in Japan!), so I know how to sell and…how to say no…

By the way…Did I PR enough for myself today???

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Oct 24, 2008
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

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