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#5- Rain in L.A.

I love rain (when I am staying at home)……..especially like today’s rain, it was surprise for 5 minutes!!!I love the sound of rain and it gives me the autumn feeling.So nice.

During the national stay at home week, a couple of my friends asked me out, but I said no to them… of course, because of the “national stay at home week”.

But…I got a surprise guest last night, so I was not in front of the TV during the show “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers & Sisters” …
My friend, Tomoko (who lives in Tokyo 24th district=Torrance, CA) called me last night, and she said to me, “Hi Yoko-san, I am in Little Tokyo right now. What are you doing right now? ”
“Tomoko-san! Long time no see (I have not seen her in a month)!!!Why don’t you come over? 10 minutes from where you are” I said to her, and I enjoyed tea time with Tomoko.
Any kinds of surprises are so much fun!!!
P.S. Of course I enjoyed “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers & Sisters” in the midnight. I am still enjoying the national stay at …

#4- National stay at home week!

I got many popcorns and chocolates for this week, the National stay at home week!

Love American TV!!! I watch news, drama, news, drama, drama and drama!
So far…I watched “Heroes”, “90210”, and “Privileged” this week (right now, Wednesday afternoon).
And I am going to watch “Lipstick Jungle”(maybe), “Ugly Betty”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Presidential Debate”(could be a fun drama!), “Desperate Housewives”, “Brothers & Sisters”, “Gossip Girl”(maybe), “Private Practice”, “Dirty Sexy Money” and“Vice-Presidential Debate”. (could be a fun drama too!)
And + And… I can’t wait to watch new season’s “Lost” and “American Idol”. And + And + And…I can’t wait to watch my comedy drama too!(I am writing a cute story right now.)
By Yoko Fujimoto Los Angeles
Sept 24, 2008
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#3- My friend’s father, Mr. Norman Whitfield passed away…

My friend, Irasha sent me a sad email the other day…her father, Mr. Norman Whitfield at 68 passed away on Tuesday the 16th.

Mr. Norman Whitfield is a Grammy-winning songwriter, producer and arranger for Motown Records whose many hits, including the signature song “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” helped solidify the Motown sound in the 1960s and afterward.
I was hoping her father will get better since he got sick…
When my father passed away 14 years ago, I was so sad and I couldn’t do or think anything at the time.
Life is so short…but…I believe that our loved ones are always watching us and we will meet them again in the future/heaven.
So…we just enjoy every moment as much as we can!!!
By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Sept 20, 2008
Copyright © 2012 Yoko Fujimoto

#2- I met a wonderful Japanese woman in Eureka

I was in Eureka until yesterday for the TV project of news program with Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS TV) and I had an interview with a Japanese woman who has a beautiful story with a Princess Michiko in Japan.

This Japanese woman has a handicap with her legs, but she has a lot of smile and energy.
“We can do it whatever we want, just smile and do it! ” I got a message from her.
By the way, I got a great idea from the lavatory of the Horizon Airplane yesterday. The flight attendants hang tea bags at the door in the lavatory. The cinnamon smell makes us soooooooo happy. I told one of the flight attendant that “you guys are so creative! ”, and she gave me two tea bags, so my bathroom smells extra nice today!
Happiness from the tea bag...I love American creativeness!!!
And happiness from the smile...I am so glad that I met the wonderful Japanese woman in Eureka and nice flight attendants on the Horizon Airplane.
By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Sept 17, 2008
Copyright © 2012 Yok…

#1- Rest, Rest, Rest!

I am on a home vacation this week.Soooooooo happy!

As a freelance writer, it seems like there is not much difference between a home vacation and a staying at home day, but big difference is that I can ignore many emails and phone calls.
My mother told me over the phone (She lives in Tokyo, Japan) last night, “Just enjoy!!!”
I am really lucky to have her as my mother. She is my hero! She is not a typical Japanese mother.

Anyway, I am just enjoying my home vacation at my apartment in front of a beautiful palm tree, swimming pool and flowers.
By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
Sept 9, 2008
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