#280- Ichinichi-Ichizen (一日一善)?

“Ichinichi-Ichizen” is a Japanese proverb.
“Ichinichi (一日)” means “one day” and “Ichizen (一善)” means “one good act”.
So, “Ichinichi-Ichizen” means “do one good act per day”.
I don’t have a religion, but I read the bible and do zen (meditation and act beautifully) every day.

Buddha’s tips for six good acts Be kind to others To keep a promise Be patient Do work hard Do self-awareness (Think over what you did) Do your best (Learn, Act beautifully, Live well)
I have been doing “Ichinichi-Ichizen (一日一善)” seriously for a little over a year now.

When I trash my trash at my apartment, I walk around my apartment complex and pick trashes (cigarette butts, crushed lemon, papers etc.) up in the parking lot etc. 
When I use restroom at supermarket, park, library etc. I pick trashes up and leave perfect clean (fold the perfect toilet paper point! ha ha…). 

The other day, when I heard the sounds behind me and I saw the guy by his skateboard was coming towards me, so I tried to avoid danger and let him comfortabl…

#279- Happy Spring!

How many do you walk?

I saw this sign on the street in my new neighborhood, it says, “Walk 6,000 steps a day to improve health and 10,000 steps a day to lose weight. How many do you walk?”

Between “TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.) news program, Road Rage, DMV, LAPD, CHP, Anger Management, Google, Cold, Gas range, A DIET BOOK BY YOKO FUJIMOTO, Senken-Shimbun, Agenda Long Beach Show, LA Fashion Market Summer 2018, Gas heater, TAX Return, Google, Google Play, LA Textile Show Spring/Summer 2019, LA Fashion Market Fall 2018 etc. (work, work and work… and sick and trouble… and work, work and work…and trouble…)” and “Descanso Gardens”… I have been walking a lot… really a lot… I walked 10 times of 17 miles per day (from my new apartment to Descanso Gardens round trip plus walking at Descanso Gardens) in two months.

My weight is between 80lbs and 83lbs, even I eat a lot (eat what I want) I can keep up my current weight (80lbs-83lbs).

#278- Hello 2018!

I’m still on my social media diet, but I just want to say “Happy New Year”!

#277- Thank you 2017!

Change my home, change my luck, I have a good FENG SHUI again.

Since my previous blog post, I moved out and I’m super happy with my new apartment (with a wonderful manager/owner of my new apartment).

As a journalist, I’m good at research. When I decided to move out on Dec 1st in the afternoon, I started research apartments right away, and I found the wonderful apartment within two hours.

It sounds like a miracle, but I believe in karma. If we live well (with a good heart and honest attitude with people and things), we always have good luck.
My wonderful apartment has beautiful palm tree view (in the front) and mountain & palm tree view (in the back / I just needed to hide next door junk view under the window with a sofa!).

My room is in the corner on the top floor and nobody downstairs (parking lot). It is cheaper, larger, nicer compare to my former apartment.

When I called the manager/owner (Alice, her name is beautiful like her) on Dec 1st in the afternoon, she told me “nobody upsta…

#276- Evil noise vs. White noise

Today (Nov 20th in the midnight) someone broke into my apartment (my front door two locks were unlocked / my door was locked before I went to bed)…
[I should’ve get up when upstairs guys were harassing me with loud banging noise around 3:20am-4:30am this morning.]

Two weeks ago, someone came to my back door (kitchen door) with a pair of scissors and chopped my mini rose flower (my mother and my younger brother’s gift) off (on Nov 7th), and someone also came to my back door with a pair of scissors and chopped my plastic door mat’s daisy flower’s petal off (on Nov 9th)…

It’s very scary… I have made police reports about these incidents…

I have been having bad luck with upstairs neighbor for long time…after former upstairs neighbor ( moved out, I was praying for a new upstairs neighbor who is a morning & quiet person… but my instinct told me one month ago, “you will get a new upstairs tenant who is a night p…