Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#271-Why people fight?

Why do human beings keep fighting with each other or fighting wars?

About profit?

About  territory?

About religion?

About ethnicity?

About statism?

About collectivism?


Why can’t we talk instead of fight (war)?

People are trying to change others…

People don’t want to change for others…

People think “I am right, you are wrong”…


I was thinking about “how can we resolve issues of terrorism and war in this world, can we talk instead of fighting?”


And then I realized “I need to think about my issue first” (since I moved into my apartment in Montrose one year ago)… yes, I have an issue about my living situation… my upstairs neighbor (64 years old woman who is not working) has been waking me up every night (around 11:15pm, 12:15am and 1:15am) with loud squeezing footsteps (it sounds not normal & regular footsteps) for one year… I had to call police twice, and I fought with this neighbor twice…


I tried to go to bed at the same time when this neighbor goes to bed… it doesn’t work (for me late night energy is very negative… I like positive energy in the early morning… The early bird catches the worm, right?)...


And then I tried to reduce her noise with classic music or wearing earplugs…but I still could hear her noise and sometimes I am not able to go back to sleep…


One time I wished her to disappear… Oh no… this is very negative thought… bad, bad, bad… this is not me…


Since I became a membership at Descanso Gardens… I walk, meditate and read at this peaceful place, and I realized that “I should change my thoughts about my upstairs neighbor”… yes, I realized that “I need to wish her happiness instead of hate her noise”.


Lately I have been wishing her happiness… no matter what happens… I will be ok…I need to remind myself about why I live here… because I want to have a nice rose garden view with my eye level from my living room and bedroom, and I want to have a nice mountain view from my kitchen, dining room and bathroom.


Life is beautiful no matter what… I believe in Karma. I would like to keep to see beautiful thing and to think beautifully. I would like to keep to be with good people and be kind to people. I think these make us happy and bring happiness.


Regarding the North Korea issue… I wrote a tweet today to President Donald J.Trump.


“Dear President Donald J.Trump, I respect that you are a great negotiator. Would you send FOOD(love) instead of MISSILE(hate) to North Korea?”


We are all same human beings, I believe in human beings. Everyone has a good heart, so we can talk and we can get along each other. Do you agree?


By Yoko Fujimoto


Los Angeles

April 19, 2017

Copyright © 2017 Yoko Fujimoto