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I am a freelance writer for newspapers,magazines as well as a journalist for TV.
I am from Tokyo, Japan and have been living in Los Angeles since 1990.

#276- Evil noise vs. White noise

Today (Nov 20th in the midnight) someone broke into my apartment (my front door two locks were unlocked / my door was locked before I went to bed)…
[I should’ve get up when upstairs guys were harassing me with loud banging noise around 3:20am-4:30am this morning.]

Two weeks ago, someone came to my back door (kitchen door) with a pair of scissors and chopped my mini rose flower (my mother and my younger brother’s gift) off (on Nov 7th), and someone also came to my back door with a pair of scissors and chopped my plastic door mat’s daisy flower’s petal off (on Nov 9th)…

It’s very scary… I have made police reports about these incidents…

I have been having bad luck with upstairs neighbor for long time…after former upstairs neighbor ( moved out, I was praying for a new upstairs neighbor who is a morning & quiet person… but my instinct told me one month ago, “you will get a new upstairs tenant who is a night p…

#275- iPhone X ?

I love my life no matter what.
My career as a writer, my sweet family and friends, my cute apartment, my people around me (including social media people), my body & my mind & my brain, my all belongings… I love what I have and I love what I do.
Last night I cleaned and polished my gas range & oven and refrigerator, it took 6 hours (I’m a clean freak).
My refrigerator is 17 years old and my gas range & oven is unknown (Because my apartment owner provided the gas range & oven to me and I didn’t ask how old they are. They look very old like my refrigerator), but they are very shining and look like brand-new now.

I always take care of things very well, so my sofa (19 years old) and my car (17 years old) look like brand-new as well.

I’m not a materialistic person, but I always appreciate what I have.

The other day, I heard about iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X... they look very nice and fancy.
But I’m still using an iPhone 4s and it looks like a brand-new phone. I think…

#274- At Descanso Gardens

Between work (writing) and work (writing), I go to Descanso Gardens.

I usually get there by walk (except night time) from my apartment in Montrose.

Descanso Gardens is like my gym, my meditation room and my dining room (at the night concert and DJ night).

I usually go there by myself (I have a membership), but I sometimes invite my friends.

With friends I always find something new (new angle view, new plants and new flowers).

The other day I wanted to find everything what I read in the sign of Leonardo da Pisa (Leonardo Fibonacci / Italian mathematician) about the patterns and geometries of his famous golden ratio “Fibonacci spiral series” (sunflower, pinecone, snail).

#273- My last email to an upstairs neighbor

After I watched abc TV 20/20 CATFISH episode (Hooking a Catfish) “How this Canadian woman catfished an NBA star and an aspiring model, almost ruining their lives” ( , I totally understood about how my upstairs neighbor (woman) is thinking…
These sick women are boring about their lives and they want to make other people miserable like them.
As I wrote my blog post on April 19, 2017, I’m having a trouble with an upstairs neighbor… I was very angry but lately I feel sorry for her… she is a lonely woman (she only goes out two hours per week for grocery shopping, she doesn’t have any visitors, she is similar to that Canadian woman) and she wants someone’s attention to make her life excite and fun (in this case “evil fun”)…

For me no matter what, I’m always happy… I appreciate my life…

Today after I saw this upstairs woman was walking around my home and peeking my home (where I sit or what am I …