Monday, May 2, 2016

#266- KonMari?

This morning I watched TV news program “NHK World’s NEWSROOM TOKYO” and saw the segment about KonMari.


I enjoyed seeing how KonMari organized some American women’s home, because I love cleaning and organizing (yes, I am a super clean/neat/organization freak) and I love to see people’s neat place.


And I feel good to see neat and beautiful things in the world.


But I was screaming “Kitanai! (Dirty!)” to the TV screen this morning because KonMari was folding shirts of client on the floor (people are walking by their shoes, floor is dirty)… I guess KonMari is not a clean freak ; )


I haven’t read KonMari’s book, so I don’t know everything about her method of tidying, but I can say this… we can tidy our belongings without throwing our belongings out.


Most of messy people’s problem is not organization, their problem is “bad shopping habit or bad shopping taste” or “wrong storage style”.


Messy people buy stuff without thinking (they just shop for joy for the moment), that’s why their home is very messy with clutter (a lot of stuff). Before they organize their belongings, they need to organize their shopping list.


I don’t agree with KonMari’s method of “Does it bring you joy? If you answer yes, you keep the item. If you hesitate or say no, you donate it or throw it out.”


It’s dangerous to give the idea “if you don’t enjoy with this, just get rid of it” to people who is a shopaholic with messy habits.


Her method sounds simple and easy, it sounds good for the moment, but where those clutter (people’s unloved belongings) go?  Someone’s closet? (other someone’s clutter?)  or Donation center? (things you don’t feel joy, and then you give them to other people? Sounds nice?) or Garbage collection site? (we need to support our earth, eco-friendly world)


If we throwing things away and make space at home, of course everyone’s home is neat and clean instantly, because they don’t have many stuff at home.

Simple is best, but this simple joy is not going to work for long time, because those people who are messy don’t realize that they have a shopping habit problem. They keep buy stuff and throw them out… they are not able to organizing their life/home completely.


They need to watch out their shopping habit problem before organizing home.


And we need to appreciate what we have, which means we can keep our home neat without throwing things out or give things away or waste of things.


We can give life and love to them (many un-using belongings/clutter) again, and organizing them at the same time.


Give them life? Keep our belongings with respect + responsibility.

Clean. Polish. Fix.


How to organizing things? Tidying with Zen.

Appreciation. Kindness. Love.


Oops, did I mess up with you who have been Konmaring?


I am just saying that I want to see people who can respect things and take care of things well without toss them out…same as for people (including our lives).


By Yoko Fujimoto

Los Angeles

May 2, 2016

Copyright © 2016 Yoko Fujimoto