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#257- SLUT? in L.A.


Do you know about “The Slut”?  I mean, “eggslut”?


If you don’t, you will enjoy my column on Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) website.


Here is my translation of my column into English from Japanese.

Enjoy :)



Published on July 13, 2015 (in Japan)

By Yoko Fujimoto

Writer in Los Angeles 


Title of this column: From L.A. “Slut?”


Since a few years ago, I have been noticing the egg shape sign of “eggslut” ( on the way to L.A. fashion district in downtown Los Angeles.


“Slut” means in Japanese “bimbo”, “whore”, “hooker” and “slut”.

“eggslut (a woman is sleeping around with eggs)”?  This shocking name of the restaurant has been bringing curiosity to me.


This restaurant (“eggslut”) has a counter at the “Grand Central Market” which is also famous as a tourist popular spot, and when I drive by this place my curiosity about this place is getting bigger and bigger, because I always see a long line in front of their cashier.


My imagination was right, their menu is all about eggs.

Co-owner Mr. Jeffrey Vales said, “Everyone’s refrigerator has eggs, right? I and chef/my cousin Alvin Cailan thought everyone’s favorite egg’s restaurant is a great business idea, that’s why we decided to start this restaurant.”


In August 2011, they started “eggslut” by the food truck (these days in L.A., food truck is a popular business). And then they opened the restaurant at the “Grand Central Market” in November 2013. Their business key word is “old but new”.


“Grand Central Market is an old and historical market, but downtown L.A. is changing to a new town. At this old but new place which is between fast-food and restaurant, we are providing a new concept of ‘quick but better’ food to variety people.”


Not only for a fashion industry, store name and brand name are important, because they effect on their product’s image for consumer. How did you guys come up with this shocking restaurant’s name?

Jeffrey revealed, “We are texting each other with a lot of jokes, and we said to each other ‘let’s make some crazy food and names’ and we talked out and came up with this restaurant’s name.”


The best 3 menu is, “The Slut” (potato Puree and poached egg in the glass jar with a baguette), “FAIRFAX” (scrambled eggs sandwich) and “BACON, EGG & CHEESE” (over medium egg sandwich).


I said to Jeffrey “The Slut is in a glass jar, such a good idea!”, and he responded to me “Yes, we tried to cook with a mug cup, but the best food came out with this glass jar.”


Lately many people are using glass jars or mason jars (a mason jar is a molded glass jar used in home canning to preserve food) in U.S., because many people want to have U.S. products and eco-friendly products.

Traditional glass jars are for jams or pickles, but people are using glass jars for many other things.

For example, cakes in a glass jar at the bakery or a body scrub in a glass jar at the spa salon.


“eggslut” ’s business strategy has unique name of the restaurant and name of the food, trendy business style and goods such as food truck and glass jar etc. It makes sense that this place is hot.


During I was interviewing Jeffrey at the restaurant one of the female customers told me with smile, “I just called my husband and said to him that I cheated on him with The Slut this morning.”

I am thinking about the word of “slut”, this word might change to a good meaning word like “woman who has a cute & playful minded” because of this popular restaurant “eggslut”.



At the “eggslut”. There is a long line.


Photo 2:

At the “eggslut” open kitchen. They are cooking many eggs here and eggs are going into glass jars and sandwiches


Photo 3:

At the “eggslut”. Customers are eating food at the counter and outside tables, or customers are ordering food to go


Photo 4:

Co-owner of “eggslut” Mr. Jeffrey Vales at the “eggslut”. He used to work as a graphic designer for skateboards and T-shirts.


Photo 5:

Co-owner of “eggslut” Mr. Jeffrey Vales (photo left) and chef & co-owner Mr. Alvin Cailan in 2013 in front of their food truck (photo©eggslut)


Photo 6:

I tasted “The Slut” which is a number one popular menu. To be honest, to me “The Slut” was a simple taste (sprinkle salt on it) and bread was hard at that time and it wasn’t exactly I imagined for. And $9 (about 900 yen) is a little bit pricey for this, but if we cook this at home it takes about one hour, so this price is fair and it makes sense.


Photo 7:

No.2 popular menu “FAIRFAX” (photo©eggslut)


Photo 8:

No.3 popular menu “BACON, EGG & CHEESE” (photo©eggslut)


Photo 9:

Customers who bought No.1 popular menu “The Slut” and No.2 popular menu “FAIRFAX” (photo left: Ms. Margaux Bordey, photo right: Ms. Yezie Yoon)


Photo 10:

We eat “The Slut” with a spoon to scoop up. It’s a healthy menu with a little bit salt


Photo 11:

This is a traditional style with a mason jar. This photo is from my other column on East Side (L.A.)Alternative Lifestyles. This photo is “Sticky Acres” ’s jam and honey.


Photo 12:

Cakes in a glass jar. This is a new style with a mason jar for “surprise surprise bake shop”.  This photo is from my other column on Repurpose?

[Translation into English is at my blog post at ]


Photo 13:

A body scrub in a glass jar.  This is a new style with a mason jar for “The Oaks at Ojai”. I mentioned this spa in my other column “’The Key to Beauty’ from L.A.”



How was my column about “The Slut”?

I hope you enjoyed it.


By the way, I would like to taste “FAIRFAX” or  “BACON, EGG & CHEESE” next time.


By Yoko Fujimoto

Los Angeles

July 12, 2015

Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto