Monday, December 7, 2015

#262- Zen Cleaning again

“Simple is best” and “I do my best” are my concept of my life.


When I was doing acting in Hollywood (around 1990), I had enjoyed so much with a lot of friends in party and club (disco), but after I moved to Newport Beach, Orange county (in 1998) due to my work/green card (I had worked at Entrepreneur Media Inc. as a staff writer for 6 and a half years, and I also worked as a freelance journalist with many other Japanese media) I realized that calm life style “simple is best” is good.


At that time I had lived in Newport Beach (right now I live in near Hollywood), I woke up at 5:00am and worked at Entrepreneur Media Inc. from 7:00am to 4:00pm every day, and if I don’t have a freelance project I always exercised at the gym or walked near by the beach…I had a healthy lifestyle in Newport Beach.


Since then I focus on “quality, not quantity” for everything such as friends, furniture, clothing etc. I am trying to enjoy my life with less people, less goods and less things.


Life is short. So I would like to have good (for me) people, goods, and things for my fulfilling life.


I don’t have religion, but I believe in spiritual power.


These days, “ZEN” is one of the famous word from Japan in the world, and Zen with “MEDITATION”, these two things in one lifestyle (calm and relax, maintain the mind with meditation) are very popular in U.S.


I do Zen (try to calm and do meditation), and I have been cleaning my home with “Zen Cleaning” (I named my cleaning style, “Zen Cleaning”).


By the way, I do spring cleaning in March because my birthday is in March and I need to start a fresh year after spring cleaning.


But we (Japanese) do big cleaning (spring cleaning) in winter (close to the end of the year) for a fresh new year.


Since November 14th, I have been cleaning little by little like Zen. Yesterday was the 11th “Zen Cleaning” day, I counted number of things (furniture, clothing, plates etc.) in my home and wipe/polish & organize/cleaning with appreciation, yes I have been enjoying “Zen Cleaning” again.


So far the number is 2456… I still need to do “Zen Cleaning” in my living room and bath room.


When I see shining light balls and glasses… I feel New Year and feel happy…

 As I said, I don’t have religion, so I say, “Happy Holidays” to you.


By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
December 7, 2015
Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#261- Make money on SNS?

As you know, I have a monthly column on Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) website which everyone can read for free.


If you don’t read Japanese, here is the translation for November issue of my column into English from Japanese.








Published on November 12, 2015 (in Japan)

Title of this column in Report+ : From L.A. “Make money on SNS?”

Writer: Yoko Fujimoto


There are many people in the world who are using SNS (social networking service) such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.


Especially in the fashion industry, people who are fashion brand’s PR, fashion blogger etc. post photos of fashion related items or write comments about products on Facebook, Instagram etc., and they actively use SNS as a marketing tool.


For example, recently Yahoo acquired “Polyvore” (Fashion SNS), people are considering SNS as a business chance.


Meanwhile, a “new Fashion SNS” born in Los Angeles. It easy to use, you just need to tap on the screen of smartphone. The “new Fashion SNS” called “FashionTap” ( .


On FashionTap, when user post some photos of fashion related items or make up products, and people saw those photos and purchased them, user will receive some commission of products (3~35% of sales).


The founder of this SNS is Ms. Amy Roiland who is a fashion blogger ( . “When I saw some dresses and shoes on Instagram, I couldn’t figure out where I can buy them, and I was frustrated about it”, this is the reason to start FashionTap.


Users are fashion designer, brand, PR, model, photographer, blogger, boutique etc., users are able to post a profile by career, so this SNS is not only for shopping, if you are looking for a model or a photographer for your project, you can find them by this SNS. It’s very useful SNS for business as well.


FashionTap started six months ago, and now (early October) they have 10k followers and they posted over 20k photos on app, so far about 100k dollars’ worth of sales on the app.


Amy said, “I want users to receive some money or get jobs from their posts, I want everyone can make money on this SNS. My plans with FashionTap are to make it the number 1 fashion e-commerce app in the fashion industry! ”

Amy is looking forward to seeing the bright future.


Photo 1:

The screen of FashionTap. Page of Ms. Amy Roiland who is a founder of FashionTap and a fashion blogger

(Photo ©Amy Roiland)


Photo 2:

The page of a make up artist. We can check all make up products from this photo and purchase them as well

(Photo ©Amy Roiland)


Photo 3:

Here is how FashionTap looks on smartphone. They can connect with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

(Photo ©Amy Roiland)




By the way, this scoop is from Melange (Fashion meets Technology conference).

In September I interviewed the founder of Melange, Mr. Tom Keefer and I had attended this conference, I had a great time and got many scoops like this one (FashionTap).


The article about Melange in the newspaper version of Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) came out on Oct 15, 2015. 

But I am sorry that I am not able to translate this article (about Melange) into English from Japanese, because this article is not on the website (the article is not free to read), and due to copyright & business issue… ; )




Did you enjoy my column?

I hope so.


Are you going to join FashionTap?

I hope so.


Here is my account on FashionTap

Connect with me on here : )



My profile is in a Photographer category on FashionTap, because there is no category of Journalist or Writer… And I am not a Fashion writer or a Fashion blogger ; )  And And… I think I am a good photographer, right?  ha ha…


Happy Fashion/Shopping Day : )


By Yoko Fujimoto

Los Angeles

November 11, 2015

Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto 

Friday, October 9, 2015

#260- Do you do Feng Shui?

Do you do Feng Shui?

I do!


I have been studying Feng Shui (Japanese style Feng Shui and Western style Feng Shui) since 1990.

Feng Shui works!


On July 7th, I interviewed a Feng Shui master (Ms. Kartar Diamond) for my special website column on Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) website.


And I attended the Feng Shui seminar  (Feng Shui master is Ms. Dana Claudat) at RONROBINSON in Santa Monica on July 26th for an article for Senken-Shimbun (major Japanese fashion business newspaper) newspaper version (the article came out on August 20th), and I also mentioned it in my special website column of Senken-Shimbun.


So I have two articles about Feng Shui.

Here are the translations into English from Japanese.





Published on October 10, 2015 (in Japan)

By Yoko Fujimoto

Title of this column (Report+): From L.A. American people get luck from Feng Shui?


In the episode of “Sex and the City” (an American television romantic sitcom), there was a line regarding Feng Shui,  “change location, change luck”, and this line tells about American people in the know about Feng Shui.


The writer myself, I have been studying Japanese style Feng Shui and Western style Feng Shui for over 20 years, and my some American friends and acquaintances are into Feng Shui and they ask me questions about Feng Shui sometimes.


This summer, during L.A. Fashion Market Week in fashion district in downtown L.A., when I was interviewing the owner of the showroom for a newspaper article at the showroom “Cohen Showroom”, I noticed the red light on the ceiling, so I asked the owner Mr. Michael Cohen about it, “why do you have the red light right there?”, and then he answered, “After our Feng Shui master gave us the counseling, we figured out that we need the red thing over there”.  


Mr. Cohen revealed, “My friend who owns a store in Venice Beach, his business sales increased three times suddenly, and then I went to his store and I noticed that the layout had changed and it was very neat, smooth and there were many customers at his store. My friend told me that his Feng Shui master did it, and I asked his Feng Shui master to come to our showroom, and then my business sales increased twice after the Feng Shui master counseled our showroom.”


The Feng Shui master is Ms. Kartar Diamond ( She has 20 year career as a Feng Shui master, and she has about 400 clients for a Feng Shui counseling per year.


Ms. Kartar said, “My clients are variety of people, such as lawyer, dentist, politician etc. Fashion industry people such as owners of apparel boutique and showroom are about 50% of my clients, so fashion people are more into Feng Shui.”


Due to “Showroom is for showing the apparel products, so it’s very hard to use many colors or furniture”, so they use small plants or miniature fountain or color of light for doing Feng Shui.


“My consulting method is not from the western style Feng Shui. My consulting method is from the Chinese Feng Shui master method with directions, numbers and elements of wood, fire, earth, gold and water” said Ms. Diamond.


Mr. Cohen said, “Luck is all about the balance and energy flow. These are very important things for everything. Feng Shui is a technique for improving these”, and his wife and co-owner of Cohen Showroom Robin spoke very highly of Feng Shui, “Most of our visitors such as buyers said, ‘this showroom is very comfortable place’.”




After I interviewed Ms. Diamond, I realized about that I need a water element in North direction in my apartment, so I fixed it right away, and then I was invited to a Feng Shui seminar by “RON ROBINSON” which well-known boutique in L.A. and I have been writing many articles about them.


This boutique (RON ROBINSON) is a new flagship store (opened 10 months ago in Santa Monica) which is all together of RON ROBINSON at Fred Segal on Melrose (mens & womens), LIFESIZE (kids), StylObjects (key lifestyle and design items) and APOTHIA (beauty and apothecary).


I wrote an article about this seminar in Senken-Shimbun newspaper version (on August 20th), but I will introduce some of it here.


This seminar was held by the Feng Shui master, Ms. Dana Claudat ( She is consulting with a Western style Feng Shui method.


Main content of this seminar was the western arrangement technique from Chinese “Bagua Figure” which we divide our home for nine sections such as lucky money section, lucky fame section, lucky love section, lucky legacy section, lucky health section, lucky creativity section, lucky wisdom section, lucky career section and lucky compassion section. 


Ms. Claudat also explained about the five elements such as wood, fire, earth, gold and water which are very important things from “Theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements”, and she talked about home accessories and fashion with five elements.


Ms. Claudat said, “Most important thing is that we need to connect with a home/office. To do this, we need to clean and organize our home/office”, and she was walking around the boutique and showed us some home products with five elements which we need for our home/office.



She said, “Fashion is also need a good balance like our home or office”, and she suggested wearing five elements of colors or materials.


Ms. Claudat emphasized about “simple is best Feng Shui” is the best effect, and she said, “Key to bring luck is cleaning and organizing. To open the window and get some fresh air, which means Chi (life energy) will flow. Put some sea salt in every corner is good too.”




I found out that I have 25 Feng Shui books in Japanese and English at home.


And I think real Feng Shui from China or Japanese style Feng Shui or Western style Feng Shui effect for each person differently like our different lives.




And here is other translation of the article in Senken-Shimbun newspaper version.


Senken-Shimbun newspaper version (there is not available on the website)

Published on August 20, 2015 (in Japan)

By Yoko Fujimoto


Title of this article: “Feng Shui seminar” was held at Los Angeles boutique “RON ROBINSON”

To get new customers with variety of events


“New flagship store”


“Feng Shui seminar” was held first time at RON ROBINSON in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. This boutique is a new flagship store which is all together of RON ROBINSON at Fred Segal on Melrose (mens & womens), LIFESIZE (kids), StylObjects (key lifestyle and design items) and APOTHIA (beauty and apothecary). This boutique had opened eight months ago.




Due to close the Fred Segal Santa Monica store, RON ROBINSON flagship store which is a couple of minutes walking distance from the former store location opened.


Mr. Ron Robinson who is an owner of RON ROBINSON (Ron Robinson Inc.) said, “Regarding the new customer marketing, we think we need to have variety of events at our store”, and they are hosting yoga class, art event etc. every month. 


The speaker of “Feng Shui seminar” was Ms. Dana Claudat who was introduced by her friend who is a friend of Mr. Ron Robinson. Nineteen people attend this seminar, and the attendee listened to Ms. Claudat’s speach about two hours.


Main content of this seminar was the western arrangement technique from Chinese “Bagua Figure” which we divide our home for nine sections such as lucky money section, lucky fame section, lucky love section, lucky legacy section, lucky health section, lucky creativity section, lucky wisdom section, lucky career section and lucky compassion section. And she also explained about some home accessories and fashion with five elements such as wood, fire, earth, gold and water which are very important things from “Theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements”.


Ms. Claudat said, “Most important thing is that we need to connect with a home/office. To do this, we need to clean and organize our home/office”, and she was walking around the boutique and showed us some home products with five elements which we need for our home/office.


For example, for a wood element is a wooden bowl, for a fire element is a zigzag pattern cushion, for an earth element is a crystal soap, for a gold element is a metal accessory, and for a water element is a light blue flower vase.


She said, “Fashion is also need a good balance like our home or office”, and she suggested wearing five elements of colors or materials.


Ms. Alexis Hyde who is an attendee and an art consultant said, “I heard about the word of Feng Shui, and today I understood about what Feng Shui is. I am thinking about that I need to clean and organize my place.”


Mr. Gerry Katzman who is a comedian teacher said, “I realized about how important is chi which flows in the air” and he thanks to attend this seminar.


Ms. Angela Williams who is a homemaker said, “I am interested in interior design and I have been studying at the Feng Shui school for a couple of months. Today I wanted to find something new at this seminar”, and this is her first visit at this boutique and she shopped some products.


An event planner, Ms. Alison Storr revealed, “I need to focus on things, so I figure out that I need to wear a gold element”


“Connect with a consumer”


Ms. Claudat advised that for a boutique, “If you have many products at the boutique, you need to be careful. The register should place in the back of the boutique and need to customer walk easily and see & choose products easily are the basic. Especially you need to organize space in front of the boutique”, for a fashion designer, “Most important thing is, you need to connect with a consumer. Due to design what a consumer wants, you can use Feng Shui”, for a businessman/woman, “If you want to get something new, you need to organize for your space and schedule.”


Ms. Stacy Robinson who is a wife of Mr. Ron Robinson and a vice president of Ron Robinson Inc. revealed, “I have not using Feng Shui, but I realized that our home has many wood element things and our boutique has many gold elements things.”


Mr. Robinson talked about the next Feng Shui seminar, “We would like to have another one around November holiday season.”




I hope you enjoyed Feng Shui tips.

Happy Feng Shui day to you : )


By Yoko Fujimoto

Los Angeles

October 10, 2015

Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto 

Friday, September 18, 2015

#259- Apartment Scammer vs. Apartment Dreamer

I live in Los Feliz at the nice apartment building (I live in front of the swimming pool, so I have a nice view with trees & flowers, there is a fitness center), but this apartment became a pet friendly apartment (no way! I am afraid of dogs and cats), and there are many issues (mailbox thefts a lot, sewage leaking all the time, party noise at the swimming pool party noise all the time, upstairs loud TV & footsteps noise etc.) now, so I am looking for a new place to live.

As a journalist, I am good at research anything, but comes to a clean  & cute & cheap apartment, it’s hard to find it in L.A. now…


The other day, I met a scammer (I mean I talked with the scammer by email).


This scammer posted the ad on RadPad.


This ad was, $1200 per month for a one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica.

And this scammer had sent me an email (see below).



Hello Yoko.

Thanks for your interest and inquiries about my apartment. Yes the apartment is still available for rent and we are looking for a responsible person/family to occupy and maintain the apartment now that i am not around. i just traveled to Bellingham, Massachusetts for a program called SERVING IN MISSION (SIM),you can view the link for more info: (http://www*** ). i will be away for 3 to 4 years or more that is why I have made up my mind to put up my apartment for rent to whom ever that will take good care of it.  However, my initial plan was to sell my apartment but it was not successful because the Realtor raised the price which made it difficult for me to sell before leaving , It has already been taken off the market as for sale so there is no need to contact any Realtor. I want you to understand that I spent a lot on my property that you have requested to rent, so I will solicit for your absolute maintenance of this apartment and would want you to treat it as your own because cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. It is not all about the money to be paid on rent or spent; it is all about a good maintenance culture which I want you to adopt on the property. I want you to keep it tidy all the time so that I would be full of smiles whenever I come and above all, a good, strong and tight relationship between us when I come for a check up. Please one more thing, I wouldn't like to have any benefit of trust in you because I want to stand in your words that the property would be well taken care of all the time. I believe you have seen how lovely it is if from only the pictures you saw in my posting compare to the 100% comfort to be derived from it as you are an occupant.


FEATURES : Laundry, Electric Range, Electric Heat,Car park.

AMENITIES: Air Conditioning,  Deck, Cable TV, Ceiling Fans, 24 hours Internet service,Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Microwave, security alarm, Pets Friendly, Refrigerator,Washer / Dryer.

Rental Price:$1200 per month and security Deposit is $600 (Security Deposit is Refundable) Utilities included in monthly rent.


Here is the address to the Home: ***  *** Santa Monica CA, 90402




I may not be returning to the apartment because we plan buying another House upon arrival. For more inquiries.





Name (First name/ Middle name/Surname ) : __________?

Phone numbers (home,cell and office line ) # :__________?

E-mail :__________?

Best time to call :__________?

Marital Status:__________?

How many proposed occupants :__________?

List all in addition to yourself including approx age :__________?

Present Address :__________?

City/State :__________?

Will you have pets :__________?

Please describe Breed, size :__________?

Personality of pet :__________?

Preferred move in date :__________?

Intended length of lease:__________?

Do you agree to pay the payment before you move in:__________?

Earliest possible date of deposit payment:__________?

Length of previous tenancy :__________?

Present occupation :__________?

Do you work late night :__________?

Do you smoke :__________?

Do you drink :__________?


Looking forward to hearing back from you with all this details so that i can have them in my file in case of issuing your rent payment receipt to you and for contacting you. Your quick response will be highly appreciated so that we can discuss on how to get the documents and the keys of my property to you via Express Delivery Services and You may drive by to view the building and its living environment. May GOD bless you and your family.



I thought… this ad is a miracle… I believe in miracle…

So I thought…Why not? … There is someone who wants to lease apartment to a nice person with a nice price…


I had sent an email to this scammer (see below).



Hi N***,


I am from Tokyo, Japan and I am super clean freak.  No smoking and No pets.

As you know, we (Japanese people) are the cleanest people in the world : )

I am a freelance writer/ journalist for Japanese newspapers, magazines, and a reporter for TV news program etc.


By the way, your apartment is available for only a couple of years?

When you are back in U.S.A., do I need to move out right away?

Thank you.

I hope I am able to live in this nice apartment. I will take care of this place very very careful : )


Have a great evening.


P.S. I just want you to know that I did BCC emails to my best two friends for my safety.





After I sent this email to the scammer… I researched about this apartment on the net, and I found out that the real price ($2700 per month) of this place and the agent of this place.


And I had contacted with the agent of this apartment by email , and I reported about this scam to RadPad right away.



Next day, this scammer wrote me back (see below).


I can see your willingness in this home and I am happy to inform you that your application has been considered and accepted. I want you to know that I'm satisfied with your profile and also believe l can trust in you, l showed your profile to my wife and daughter, they are OK with it. l want you to know that we can let you stay in my home till the period of time you wish to. I want you to know that the rent fee is among the home utilities all included, so you can use them anytime but make sure you take proper care of my properties. We will come and pay you a visit after you have moved into my home to see how  you are maintaining it. I will be receiving the security deposit and first month rent sent to me via Money gram  because l think it reliable,secured and fast. l wish you best of luck in your work, from your  profile l can see that you are responsible and a hard working person may the almighty God lead you in what ever you wish to do. Please once again, i want to trust you and i hope you do not disappoint us and i promise you that, you will love the home and not only, a good relationship between us.  The following documents are here with us as i could not find anyone whom i could trust to drop them with for this purpose. But never-mind,  next day delivery service will handle that perfectly for us. In doing this, you will need to make the security deposit, when you are ready to move in you can make the rental payment, which the deposit is refundable to enable the shipment of the Keys and document to your current address that i have here in the rental form, after which you could move in at your convenience. The rent starts counting when you move in and after moving in, you will be required to make the first month rental fees at your convenience Here are the contents of the document that needs to be sent.


1) Entrance and the rooms Keys

2) Paper/Permanent home form

3) The home documentary file.

4) Full Description of the home and Address

5) Payment Receipt

6) Signed Lease Agreement Form you are supposed to also sign and get it sent back to me


as soon as the security deposit  payment has been confirmed via money gram, l will go ahead and commence on how the home Keys / Documents will be delivered to you and i will ensure that i book for the 24 hours  next day delivery service as to enable you receive it on time and as scheduled. Let me hear back from you as soon as possible so that i can arrange for the delivery.


Get back to me via email  so as to instruct you on how to make the payment.

 I await your reply. Regard and God bless you!!!



I needed to write this person back, because I didn’t want anyone to lose $600 for this scam (especially, people who doesn’t know about the market price in L.A.).


My reply is below.



Hello N***,


Thank you for your reply and text message.

I wish your story was the true dream...  I believe in miracle. I always get what I want : )


Unfortunately I found out that the real price of this place is $2700.


N***, you are a smart person and good in business, please use your brain & talent for a good business which helps people in the world.


As a writer/journalist, I am not able to ignore your reply, so I am writing to you last time.


I don't have a religion, but I believe in the higher power in the universe, and God (or someone or higher power) is watching us... or it doesn't matter that nobody is watching us... honesty is the key to everything...


I am sure that you have a good heart for your family & friends, please be honest with people (stranger) as well.


You will be happy if you do that.

Good luck with everything.






Life is all about happiness, and happiness is coming from the honesty, I believe this.


Happy every day to you : )


By Yoko Fujimoto

Los Angeles

September 18, 2015

Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#258- No more guns & No more war please!


Two months ago, I had a wonderful TV project experience in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.


I worked with a major Japanese TV documentary program in Osaka, Japan, it’s called “Eizo ‘15” ( ) by MBS TV (Mainichi Broadcasting System, similar to ABC TV, NBC TV or CBS TV).


Here is the company information in English. Please take a look at   



We are working on the story about the Vietnam War deserters, and we are going to introduce how people (especially for veterans) affected by war, and war has been hurting many people’s heart & mind & health.


We interviewed two American former Vietnam War deserters and two American Vietnam War veterans.

The air date is August 30th in Japan.




Thank god… I researched about two American former Vietnam War deserters and I found where they are… but… one former deserter (Mr. C) didn’t want to see us at first, and the other one (Mr. M) disappeared (I found his latest home address, but he moved to a new place recently, so again, he disappeared)…


My mottos are “anything is possible” and “never give up”.


Yes, I negotiated with Mr. C and I found Mr. M on time, and we interviewed them on TV camera.


We also interviewed two American Vietnam War veterans who I found on the filming location by accident. They said “many veterans are still straggling with their life and trying to kill themselves everyday & everywhere” …


It was very sad to find out many sad things…




As you know, we (Japanese) don’t carry guns and we don’t into war because we have a deal with U.S. government (since U.S. dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese two cities in 1945).


Anyway after I worked with this MBS TV project, my thought (we don’t need guns & weapons, and we don’t need a war in the world) is getting stronger and stronger.



Here are two messages for me from Mr. C and Mr. M after we visited them.



From Mr. C’s letter:


Dear Friend, Yoko!

I thought that at 67 years old, I could not be surprised by anything even again.


Well, I admit, you all surprised me on Tuesday morning!


At no time during our short time together did I ever feel nervous, or afraid of bad memories.


The only thing that I experienced was the enjoyment of being in good and friendly company.


Thank you for all of the good food, good conversation, and for politely listening to my belief in our Lord Jesus.


Xxxxxxxx is a very quiet and gentle soul. I am so very honored to name him among my friends. I was also very glad to be able to tell him the truth about my experiences in the war. I know that truth is so very hard to find on this old earth. Now, I am very happy to have the opportunity to share with my old friend, the real truth.


Also, I had the chance to ask for forgiveness for any and all of the harm I had caused to all of the kind and generous Japanese people who sheltered, fed and protected me while I was hiding from the navy.


Miss Fujimoto!

You are very lovely, your eyes are so bright with the light of life!

Your smile is a joy to see. Your determination to get things done is very strong.

You are a sincere and devoted peace warrior!


I pray that you come to the cross and see what peace is there, for whosoever will believe! My favorite, most beloved word in all of the bible, because it includes me : ) !  (HAPPY) .


May God Bless you.

May God, in Christ, bring you close to him!


Your friend, always,




From Mr. M’s email:


I was so pleased to meet you. And as to your task, the day we met.


Having thought, after your interview. the question repeatedly, Why?


Why continue to speak Truth, in an Nation, of which tried to kill you repeatedly in Combat. and then when forced to flee, to place an death order on you. then to be tortured and forced to sign unread documents. being told that if you let be known, or write, speak, or allow published, any of the facts related to the case. you will get 21 Years in Federal Military Prison, "IF", not just killed. rather a life of, the threat of death, by your Government.


And although, you know most of what you thought, were truths of your Nation. were an, Abject Lies !


The alternatives were to do so in secret, as best one can, or could. false names. such as, Tsuj Emanon.  or in English. "Just No Name.


And to have joined opposition groups, to the War(s'). and injustices in the Civilian Prisons.


Having taken positions in a varied number of official agencies. to see if one man could effect change ? to find that the Torture of Inmates, and Patients in "Mental" institutions, and those for criminal insane. and in Juvenile institutions. to the point, of creating new criminals.  much as the way, Drones create new Terrorists.


And in the end, the system is so institutionalized. to the point of near impossibility of actual change. that the Racism and Prejustices and practices of Torture.  So long used. as to be an unspoken tool of the institution(s'). taken for granted, as it were.


It is a rather irony, that the disclosures of renditions, secret flights, and torture, Secret Prisons. and the like. being in the news as if it were something new. and we to know, this, and these things happen to me, and most probably 500,000 other men in very much like situations. some say, how can they keep such a large number of men, from speaking. or an groundswell of disent ? or the Secret getting out. Well, for whatever reasons. it has rather remained unknown within the U.S.A. . and to a greater degree, "Gitmo" like situations, and "Terror" an concept. now give rather wholesale acceptance of Torture. sad rather, is, are the symptoms of an Empire in Decay. imagine, how it most probably will get worse. and as it were, the barbarians are at the gate. "NO", they are within the fabric of the Nation. and the end, of the world of white privilage, or lucky sperm club. are near at hand. perhaps, I will not see it in my time. however. having seen the creation of criminal classes, and the torture of what might be called. lonewolf terrorists. or ? "Revolutionaries".  to not have come forward. somewhat baffels me. I would guess, it may, or might be a new manifestation, of National Social Change.


To risk ones life in the persuit of Truth, ? to retain the hope that America, Americans, are so much better than that ?


That the shining light on the horizon, be the light of good. rather than. evil and such ?


I guess in the end. to say, " I dont know " is as honest as I may be. due to the fact, this decline of empire, is unique, ?   only in the way, and means we have of making it InfoTainment?


Well, rather than go on, and express my lack of understanding, it will suffice to say.


Thanks for coming, and furthering the Decades of attempted truth(s). which have (has) consumed lives. of good people. dedicated people. and when one dedicates their lives to an cause, such as we. then we outlive so many terms of evil, institutionalized. such as Nations, or leaders, or agencies, in the End. ? Just a Guess, in the End


Always, a Friend





War doesn’t make sense… really. Right?

Life is simple... just be happy. Right?

By Yoko Fujimoto
Los Angeles
August 19, 2015
Copyright © 2015 Yoko Fujimoto